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Technical forum / Game "hanging" in Dialogue when I click like a maniac
« on: February 18, 2008, 11:11:17 PM »
I have created a dialogue branch.
When the actor or the guy I'm talking to is talking, I'm clicking the left mouse button like a maniac to skip through the dialogues.
When I do this, sometimes the game will stop responding (almost). The game is still responding, but since I have set Game.Interactive to false the player can not do anything.

Have anybody else experienced this?
Is it a bug in WME, or do I need to change something in my code?
I would appreciate it if someone could test on their own, and provide me some feedback.

Technical forum / Actor won't unload
« on: January 18, 2008, 11:55:37 PM »

I'm having some issues with the way variables are created in WME.
In one of my scenes, I have an actor called FleetSalesman (the variable name). When I leave the scene, and go to a different scene, the actor is still there. Same position, different room.

I have loaded the actor as a var (not global), and I'm unloading the object in the SceneShutdown method.
So why doesn't it go away?

Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

// here comes the stuff which initializes the scene

actor.SkipTo(400, 400);
actor.Direction = DI_DOWN;
actor.Active = true;

var FleetSalesman = Game.LoadActor("actors\Fleet_Salesman\");
FleetSalesman.SkipTo(690, 449);
FleetSalesman.Direction = DI_LEFT;
FleetSalesman.Active = true;

// scene state
global StateEXT_Portagul_TheBeach_Night;

// default values
  StateEXT_Portagul_TheBeach_Night.Visited = false;
  // add scene states here

// setup scene according to state variables

  StateEXT_Portagul_TheBeach_Night.Visited = true;

  // this is our first visit in this scene...

on "SceneShutdown"

Technical forum / Missing references
« on: January 17, 2008, 08:13:18 PM »

I didn't find this exact problem in the forum.
I'm getting an error message because I deleted the standard menu system in WME.

Now I get this message in the debugging console when starting the game:

20:10:41:  Error opening file 'interface\menu\menu.script'
20:10:41:  CScEngine::GetCompiledScript - error opening script 'interface\menu\menu.script'
20:10:41:  Error opening file 'interface\menu\menu.window'
20:10:41:  CUIWindow::LoadFile failed for file 'interface\menu\menu.window'

The reason it fails is obvious - it isn't there anymore.
However, I don't reference it in any of my own scripts, and I couldn't find it in any of the standard scripts.
Do you know where WME is trying to access the menu.script and menu.window files?

Technical forum / [null] in ResponseBox first line
« on: January 15, 2008, 10:36:44 PM »

I couldn't find this question elsewhere in the forum, and I just tested the example from the WME Resource Center on creating dialogues.
By using the Game.AddResponse etc. I created the exact same responses as the example shows.
However, the first line in the ResponseWindow says [null] and when I click it, the actions (actor speaking, and the other character responding) are the same as for the next item in line.

Where does this [null] value come in?

PS! The [null] value disappears when I click one of the responses below - even if the other responses are still there.

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Technical forum / Use inventory on entity region
« on: March 04, 2007, 01:57:48 PM »

I read about this in another post, but the problem I have is that even though I'm certain that I do the right thing, it gets wrong.
So maybe I shouldn't be so certain after all?

Anyway, I want to use an Axe on a window. The Axe is an inventory item.
The window is an entity region. In the window object, I have the on "Axe" event. That didn't work, so I tried using an on "window" event in the Axe-script. No change. How should I get the actor to say something when I use the axe on the window.

Axe details (before I pick it up, and add it to inventory):
name: Axe
caption: Axe
item: axe

Axe inventory item details:
Code: [Select]
   CAPTION = "Axe"
   NAME = "Axe"
   IMAGE = "scenes\Benjamin's Room\graphics\Item - Axe.png"
   CURSOR = "items\Axe.sprite"
   CURSOR_HOVER = "items\Axe.sprite"
   SCRIPT = "items\axe.script"

Axe script as referenced in the ITEM part (note that the on "book" part actually works).:
Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

on "Take"
  Game.SelectedItem = "Axe";

on "book"
  actor.Talk("Used book.");

on "window"
  actor.Talk("Used axe on window.");

//on "event"
//  ...

Window script (everything works except on "Axe" and on "book"):
Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

global WinCaption;
global StateRoom;

on "LookAt"
  actor.Talk("I'm going to miss this view.");

on "Use"
  actor.Talk("Either it's stuck or I'm too...");
  actor.Talk("It's stuck.");

on "Talk"
  actor.Talk("Hey! Anybody out there?");
  actor.Talk("I'm relieved. For a second there I thought I was being watched.");


on "book"
actor.Talk("Book used.");

on "CustomUse" {

WinCaption.Text = "Open window";

} // end CustomUse

//function GoToObject()
//  actor.GoTo(200, 200);
//  actor.TurnTo(DI_UP);

According to the documentation and the examples I've seen in the forum the on "Axe" event in the window script should work.
Why doesn't it?

Best regards,

Anders Petterøe

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Here are a couple of working screenshots:

Benjamin's Room

The Beach

All content copyright of Spare Time GamingTM

So far, the team consists of

Daniel Thomas - Lead Background Artist
Brigitte Kingsley - Actor, casting (
Thomas King - Story & Puzzle Designer
Anders Petterøe - Story & Puzzle Designer, programmer

Read a little bit more on (however, not much information to find yet).
Remember - we seek a character designer/animator with high qualities to join the team for profit sharing.
What we expect to make is based on extremely careful estimates, and we have team members not listed here that will be assisting us in achieving our goals.

Anders Petterøe

Technical forum / Is there a Cutscene function in WME?
« on: February 14, 2007, 10:41:24 PM »
First of all - I searched the forums, but since I'm the uncrowned king of poor searching, I didn't find anything.  :-\

I have recently gone over from the AGS engine to the WME engine, and I am looking for a similar "StartCutscene" function or event.
Does this exist in WME, or are only regular functions used?

I believe the idea with the StartCutscene-function in AGS was that the player could not skip talking lines with a mouse-click, but had to use a predefined "skip-button".

Of course, you could always implement this into any function in WME, but if there's an already existing method that does this it would be great to know about.  ::)

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