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Merscom is looking for a to create the hint system for an upcoming adventure game based on the Wintermute engine. Specifically, this will be an event based task list that lets the player know what action they need to focus on at a given point in time. This code also needs to pull text from an easy and quick to edit xml file so that tasks can be added, modified, and removed without needing to recompile the build. The budget for this task is set at $1,000 US.

Interested persons should send me a private message with answers to the following.

 1. Do you have experience using the Wintermute engine?

 2. What information do you need from us to understand if the hint and tutorial system we want is possible?

 3. How many hours a day would you be able to devote to this project?

 4. What additional information do you need to scope the time frame on this?

Thanks in advance.

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