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Technical forum / Re: Maya Pipline solutions...
« on: April 15, 2008, 01:07:32 PM »
Install the DirectX SDK and it will install a native .X exporter into Maya for you. (I think it supports from Maya 6 onwards).

You can download the SDK from Microsoft at

General Discussion / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY odnorf!
« on: March 26, 2007, 11:45:44 AM »
Hap hap happy birthday odnorf!  ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer

Game announcements / Re: Restless - new game from Viperante
« on: January 25, 2007, 11:08:36 AM »
This game really looks fantastic, keep up the great work! The graphics are awesome, you've obviously put thought into dialogue, storyline, etc. This game I would pay money for, and I don't pay for anything! Except booze, and maybe food.

General Discussion / Happy birthday Odnorf!
« on: March 26, 2006, 01:07:36 PM »
Let me be the first to say, "Happy birthday Odnorf!".

Keep on Odnorfing!  ::beer

General Discussion / Re: Happy birthday Columbo!
« on: March 22, 2006, 05:30:18 AM »
Thank you friendly wintermuties! Another successful orbit of solaris central completed!

To the public bar!  ::beer

Technical forum / Re: Problem with actor.GoTo
« on: February 25, 2006, 03:41:04 AM »
I am so smart!  ;D

Technical forum / Re: Problem with actor.GoTo
« on: February 24, 2006, 05:13:10 AM »

global last_mouse_click_x;
global last_mouse_click_y;

on "LeftClick"

  actor.GoTo(last_mouse_click_x, last_mouse_click_y);

Why it's not working? Please help me.

I'm not a great scripter, but the only thing I can see that is maybe wrong is that the Scene.MouseY has the Y in lowecase, whereas the Scene.MouseX is in uppercase. Since your original code worked fine, I would say try just making Scene.MouseY with an uppercase Y. I don't know if this will help or even if the methods are case sensitive, but it's always worth a try. Maybe someone else knows why it's not working?  ???

The best way to troubleshoot this sort of thing is to write the values of the variables out in game.msg and see what is in each variable. If X is ok, but Y is not, then you know the Y variable is not being given a value, which is usually attributed to a typographical error. Good luck.

Would you help with translation of whole scenario? It is not ended, but I have been writing it. Perhaps, we can make a two-language version of the game. The general thing - is to translate dialogs. The scenario in English for artists, dialogs - for all.

I would may to e-mail you the scenario in my translation and then you'd correct it.

That is ok. Just private message me when you are ready to start.

I cannot translate for you unfortunately, but I can perform grammatical correction. This means that if you "try" to translate to English, I can translate it to the correct grammar and spelling format. If you can't find a translator then I'm happy to help.


In the institute, where Alex learns, came the famous professor of Archaeology Yanush Karich, who read the lection about African tribe Sangvala. The Sangvala people, on his opinion, lived with back-to-back the dinosaurus and even tamed them. And Alex had a very huge interest in this thing.

I would translate that to read :

At the institute where Alex is being taught came the famous professor of archaeology Yanush Karich, who read about the African tribe, Sangvala. The Sangvala people in his opinion, lived back-to-back with the dinosaurs and even tamed them. Alex had a very large interest in this topic.

Anyhow, good luck with your project! :)

Game design / Re: My art
« on: January 23, 2006, 02:15:38 AM »
Your hand drawn art looks really good. You've got an excellent concept of depth. :) Keep up the good work! Oh, and also - happy 21st birthday!

General Discussion / Re: WME 1.5.2
« on: January 17, 2006, 10:41:30 AM »
Hi esden9, welcome to Wintermute!

In my documentation, I have the following script in the area you're talking about :

#include "scripts\"
on "LookAt"
on "Take"
function GoToObject()
  actor.GoTo(200, 200);

That should work, but apparently I have older documentation to the most current release. The area you're talking about (lookat) makes the character walk to the object, then make a comment saying "Blah". (Sorry if I sound condescending, I'm trying to help!). Let us know if that is not what you have in your documentation.

The reference where it says GoToObject() should work because at the bottom of the script, you should have written the function called GoToObject(). The function itself does not require parameters, and thus should work. Personally I don't know why it's been written as a function because it doesn't return any values, but that's what the documentation says! (Perhaps that's why it's broken!)

Anyway, Mnemonic or another one of those Wintermute Elite will be along in a few hours and will probably have a much much better explanation than this.

However good luck, and happy Wintermuting! :)

Technical forum / Re: Font colours and letter spacing
« on: January 16, 2006, 12:23:46 AM »
Regarding the width, the only thing that directly effects the width is in the .font file. The line :


Should solve this problem. If it does not, there may be an issue with the way the TGA file is saved.

Personally however I always use .BMP files with a magenta background, and don't run into either the width or the colourisation problems you seem to be experiencing.

Regarding the bulk colour change, I would agree with metamorphium's idea of opening in GIMP (or Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop or whatever it is you use) and doing a colour-to-colour change. There's no quicker way of doing it to my knowledge.

Good luck!

Game design / Re: Adventure/Action with WME?
« on: January 14, 2006, 10:26:12 AM »
Oops! I forgot to answer your other question...

Also I want to make it (the game) where you have to use differents characters to get a certain item or to solve a puzzle. ex: there an item to heavy to move or get for the main character, so you which to the secord main character who is stronger, to get the item.

I'm not a pro on scripting in WME so someone else might be able to give you real code on this solution, however the basic principle is to use a conditional test. In your case, I would recommend a simple IF..THEN test.

My example in pseudocode :

IF lifting = true THEN
  IF liftingchar = actor2 THEN
    display "You lift the box. It's so heavy I think it's full of bricks!"
    put item in inventory
    display "You aren't strong enough to lift this item!"
    drop item

Game design / Re: Adventure/Action with WME?
« on: January 14, 2006, 10:18:19 AM »
Oh yeah can you use wav files to do fully voiced text (I'm thinking about geting voice actors)

Yes. Sound files can be played when speech (text) occurs. The method you are probably looking for is :, SoundFilename, Duration, TalkStances, TextAlignment);

The Wintermute documentation shows you how to use this routine and explains it in a bit more detail. It can be found in :

Scripting in WME -> Script Language Reference -> Actor Object  ... then click on "talk" - it's the fourth link down the page.

Have fun!

Game design / Re: Adventure/Action with WME?
« on: January 13, 2006, 07:35:43 AM »
Hello Neo_Crisis, and welcome to the forums.

The answer to your question is probably, "Yes". However it depends on your definition of "action".

Wintermute is designed with point-and-click adventure games in mind. If you want action sequences, like say for example, riding a bike down a road, then you're in for some very serious scripting. If you mean something more simple like a shooting range (like Police Quest) then Wintermute is definitely capable of such feats with very little scripting.

If that hasn't answered your question, let me know in a bit more detail what you mean by "action". (Give me an example)

Good luck in your venture, and happy Wintermuting!  :)

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