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Help wanted and offered / Teenager Game Development Group (ages 13-18)
« on: December 02, 2009, 05:31:52 PM »
Welcome to the begining of TGDG. This is a group of game developers who are between the ages of 13-18 who think they have a future in game development. Many companies look at prospective employees game portfolio. So this team was formed to allow teenagers to develop a portfolio and possibly make some money doing it. Anyone can join with no need for experience but keep in mind the more you know the more involved you will be.

The Goal

Unity is a very easy to use yet powerful 3d game engine. But unfortunatly it doesnt make games for you. This team will use Unity 3D to develop a portfolio. The games will be sold in different places for a very very small price. In the end we may have a game that is capable of getting some attention. The ultimate goal is to show the rest of the world how teenagers can do this stuff to.

The Roadmap

1. Form an ever expanding team put into catagories based on game design needs.
-Level Designers
-Sound Engineers
-Project Managers
-Web Developers

2. Lay down rules and groundwork. We need to figure out a crisp managment system. Remember everyone on this team will have the ability to propose new ideas at any time via message board.

3. Learn about each others abilities.

4. Develop our first game. This one will probably "suck" but if i can sit down and play it we are on the right track.

5. This time we will try to make a game for the IPhone (We have an iphone license). If you think about it, charging less than a dollar for this game/app per download would allow us to open our first bank account even if it only had a little money.

6. At this point we should have a pretty good idea about how to make a simple game. So now lets make a plan for a game that will be bigger and better.

7. This is a long time from now, and being that this team is run by YOU any of this is subject to change.


You must be of the age 13-18 at date of registration.
You must communicate in english. (worldwide Team)
You must have a goal in mind.
You must be eager to see/make the future
You must not quit(this one is common sense)

How To Join

Compose an E-mail to

Subject; <first name> <age>

Body; Include your name and age again along with your reason for joining and your statement about what you can add to the team. Also include a brief Goal Statment. If you would like include a few of your best projects or similar things, if you dont have any dont worry.

List things your good at related to these topics.
-Level Design
-Sound Engineering
-Project Managment
-Web Development

REMEMBER- TGDG is run by you, for you. It is a place intended for preparing for the future.

PLEASE JOIN TODAY (anybody is welcome)(tell your friends)

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