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Author Topic: Excellent animator wanted for commercial game "Pennyless" (Working Title)  (Read 3211 times)

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We have gotten pretty far on this game with the attitude of keeping our ROI (Return On Investment) as high as possible by keeping costs as low as possible. So far, everyone on the team has agreed to share the profits. And we do have outstanding quality on our team members.

We are still looking for a character designer/animator and we need to get one fast.
If you believe you posess the qualities we're looking for, you may contact us at You may also post a reply to this thread.

Here are a couple of working screenshots:

Benjamin's Room

The Beach

All content copyright of Spare Time GamingTM

So far, the team consists of

Daniel Thomas - Lead Background Artist
Brigitte Kingsley - Actor, casting (
Thomas King - Story & Puzzle Designer
Anders Petterøe - Story & Puzzle Designer, programmer

Read a little bit more on (however, not much information to find yet).
Remember - we seek a character designer/animator with high qualities to join the team for profit sharing.
What we expect to make is based on extremely careful estimates, and we have team members not listed here that will be assisting us in achieving our goals.

Anders Petterøe
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