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PAID: Background illustrator needed for eco-terrorism adventure game


Hi all,

I'm in the early stages of a point and click adventure game project and am now ready to look for a background artist.
(If you can do animations also that'd be a plus, but not a requirement.)

I am offering $100 per background. I understand it's not a lot but it's all I can offer at this stage.

Backgrounds will need to be full colour and able to fit on any modern machine without letterboxing.

The game I'm making is set in a future where technology rules all. Anyone trying to live outside of the hell of social media and state surveillance is brutally punished. You will play as a member of a militant eco-extremist group that aims to cause chaos for the techno-regime ruling their country.

I have no specific idea of what I want the game to look like at this stage as I'd like it to be more of a collaboration with the artist rather than just another job. So, if you might be interested in this please drop me an email with some examples of your work:



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