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Is it possible in WM to create a text input interface similar to Cypher game? Meaning, with typeset, glitches, flicker and stuff?

По профе

Game announcements / Re: ALA-NOVE: experimental project.
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:08:59 PM »
I liked your pics, looks like you've got a very original artistic view, it's not cliche'd, i like that a lot.

I am a musician, and I've been into adventure games for a long time (have also been making interactive text adventures of my own)
The thing I enjoy the most in an adventure game is the overall atmosphere, so that picture, sound and text come together to create an authentic, credible feel.

I know you've got your sound department sorted out, but still I'd like to offer some creative input,
Here's some of my sound atmosperes that I'm making for my text adventure games (sort of surreal gothic dream).
ambience example (2.6 mb mp3)

If you like it, I'd be glad to compose and contribute something for a specific location\suspense in your game.

Hello, everybody!
I've been into text adventures for quite a while, and wrote some of my own (in Russian), using a LUA based engine written by my friend.

I'd like to start a collaborative adventure project in WME, but the one necessary element is a text input.
We have a very good and versatile parser script in LUA.
Does anyone know of a possible embedded LUA scripts within WME?

Thanks. Looking forward to lots of creativity!

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