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« on: May 12, 2011, 12:51:50 AM »
Hello there
I’m looking for collaborators to help me with a point & click adventure I’m designing currently codenamed “Medieval Kid”. I’d like to get this up to a high standard if possible and if it looks as though it will reach that standard, look into ways of distributing it. If anyone is interested I’m after someone/people who know/s how to use Visionaire or Wintermute. If either give you more options gameplay wise that’d seem like the best one to use. I’m also after any 2d artists/animators that may want to help, character and especially background.

The objective is to make an intelligent, humorous adventure with certain adult themes but at the moment the plan is not to cross the line so much, that only adults can play it. At the moment the plan is to design the look in a 2d, cartoony fashion that has obvious charms.

My role in this is dependent on who I can find to help. As a composer I’ll handle the music/audio. I can also design the game, narrative, puzzles etc. I’ve also started drawing and animating a few characters, including the title character. I quite like the little guy. You can check his breathing and speech cycles here. I’m open to ideas in all areas.

Breathing -
Speech -
My site -

This is a no budget project but there is the possibility for limited funding at some point during production. The first thing I’d like to do is get an intro/demo up and running. A few playable scenes, title screen, title music e.t.c. Then we can look at it and go “is it worth continuing or would it be a crime against culture to do so!”.
Thanks for reading,
Either contact me via or through my site. Cheers.

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