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Technical forum / How to handle Loops and FPS questions
« on: March 13, 2014, 08:14:16 PM »
Hello there!!

I'm experimenting a little bit with the idea of making an action adventure game and I
have a few questions refering to while loops.

The game will be a third person view, the camera will follow constantly the character.

The cursor will help to move the actor in the scene, pick up objects, talk to entities, change scenes.
ButI want while im pressing down the TAB key the simple cursor to transform to weapon
cursor and kill enemies when click on them...After I release TAB key the cursor will
transform back to normal and do the regular actions.

I have achieved that by making a while loop in a new script file, in the script folder of
project manager. Also I have another script file with a while loop that controls the
camera movement.

---And I was wondering is this the correct way to handle the loops?

---Should I put both of these loops in one script file?These are loops that will run all the time in the game.

---Also I was checking the fps rate... only for one second in the startup of the game the framerate
is 60 and after that goes 250+ ...This happended from the moment I made the while loop for the camera.
That kind of frame rate is normal??

Thank you very much for your time!


Game announcements / The Ancient Mark - Episode 1
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:30:36 PM »
Hello everyone!

We (me and my bro) finally released the first small episode of a game that we've being working for a long time now.Thank you all, because without your posts and informations Im sure that we couldn't do anything.

The game is free to download and you can find all the usefull links below:


Technical forum / Compiled package size question
« on: August 08, 2012, 05:14:29 PM »
Hello everyone! :)

Just finished a game with wintermute and I have 1-2 questions...
I complide the game in wintermute and I saw that the size of the compiled package is 390mb
After that I made a setup for the game with the inno setup...and the setup.exe was 378mb

The Resolution of the game is 1024x768 and some rooms have bigger dimensions
The game has 26 rooms
Several small png sprites
5 videos/cutscenes each of 1 minute.
The estimate time of the gameplay is 2,5/3 hours.

I know that I dont give you lot of information...but I though that you may give me a hint from your experience.

Do you think that the size of the finalle setup package is big?

If the package is big...
Can I reduse/compress the size of it some how...even with wintermute or with inno?
Or I must simple reduse the size of my jpegs that I use in the game project?

Thanks a lot!

Technical forum / Window inactive
« on: February 05, 2012, 02:40:07 AM »
Hello everyone

I have just made a window with a button inside so every time i press the button the inventory will appear and disappear.I also set up a Keypress event, every time you press the tab key do the same.
Everything works coooolll but...

When I tryed this in a scene that it had several active entities and regions...every time I move the mouse over in those entities or regions the window(with the button inside) somehow disabled or set itself inactive.

If I click with the mouse the button, inventory will appear and disappear, but when I press the tab key wont work because the window is inactive all the time.

Do I need some code so that the window should be active all the time?
Do I miss something in window editor?

if the there is a post with the same problem and I missed it I'm sorry!giveme a link to check it out.
Thank you!

Technical forum / Sprite sound problem
« on: January 25, 2012, 07:13:14 PM »
hello wintermuterssss

here is my problem:

I've got a scene with one entity.
The entity inside it has 6 sprites, all the sprites have a specific sound(I linked the sounds within the sprite editor)
the entity is like a switch or a knob every time you click on it, change sprite and make a sound.(I manage to do this with a script that I found here: )

But the thing is that every time I get inside the scene, the first sound of the first sprite of the entity plays.(without click on the entity)

If you could tell me away to fix this. I've tried several things that I found here...but I'm not really good in codeing.

Thank you all for your time!:)

Technical forum / Scripts for Inventory Items
« on: October 17, 2008, 04:59:30 PM »
Hello guys Im new here !
I d like to ask you a question , Im working with an adventure game and have some problems :

I have two items in my inventory (knife,envelope).I want the player to use the knife on the envelope .So
when you use the knife on it , the envelope to dissapear and instead of it the paper that was inside to appear in the inventory

What script I must use and in which item??
I have try the <<delete item>> command for the envelope and after the <<create item>> for the paper but nothing was happend .The envelope dissapear but the new item dont show in the inventory.And I didnt have any error script massage.

Please help
Thank you!!

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