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Technical forum / Question about keyboard support
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:04:17 PM »
Hi y'all!

Some weeks ago I came up with this idea for the movement of a character in a game, and I wanted to know if it was possible to make it with Wintermute (I've been reading the forums for a year or so, so by now I don't think anything is impossible with Wintermute).

I've seen this, so I know the arrow keys can make my actor walk (and they do, flawlessly). But what if the floor region was circular (I mean, like a circle with a smaller and also circular not-walkable region inside)?

1) Could I make my actor (or some entity) walk clockwise with, say, the right arrow key, and counterclockwise with the left arrow?

2) And if my floor region was a big S that connects the bottom left corner of the scene with the top right, could I make my actor go through the S with one key, even if it means that it must go right and left and right again (and, of course, stop anywhere when the arrow key is released and go back with the other arrow)?

I guess that, if possible, it has something to do with waypoints, but I really don't know.
So basically I'm asking if this kind of movement is possible and how could I make it happen, and if it's not then what would you suggest as a workaround.

Nothing more, nothing less.
And I guess you get this a lot, but I'll say it anyway: sorry for my bad English and ask again if you didn't get the question.

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