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Game announcements / The First Trial 2.0
« on: June 22, 2009, 03:39:52 PM »
The First Trial 2.0 is the twentieth version of a game built with the Wintermute engine (my testers kept telling me the game was too easy).  In this game you must find your way through the Trial Grounds and building by solving a series of theological puzzles based on the theology of Wicca. The game starts in the study. You have four doors leading out, a door leading down, and a stairwell leading up that is blocked by an invisible barrier, at least for now. All the doors are locked, you will need to earn keys to open them. There is also a desk, a chair, a chessboard, a bookcase, and a book on the floor. On the bookcase there are 18 books on three shelves. The topmost book on the left is the game manual. The other books contain all of the knowledge that an apprentice would be expected to learn in his/her first year; and as such, can be used to deduce clues as to how to solve the puzzles.  For most of the graphics, my partner and I went out with digital cameras, then converted our pics to bmp, and then modified the pics to fill our needs.  Below is a link to some screenshots on facebook.

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