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General Discussion / Thank you Mnemonic!
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:26:27 PM »
I want to thank you for this engine! I am (an old) CS undergrad at Western Illinois U, and I used the Wintermute Engine for my Senior Honors project. I made a first-person adventure with photographs (Carol Reed/Weekend in Capri rip-off) for graphics. I set it in the CS building at Western and featured quite a few of my instructors in the game. My presentation was yesterday, and it was a hit! A+! I learned much from this project (mostly how not to do my next project!). The thousands of questions I had were already asked and answered by you and the other members of the forum...I believe I only had to post one question of my own. After being fully consumed in the project for 4-12 hours a day for 4 1/2 months, it seems odd to have it over with! Withdrawals. Maybe I'll start a new one soon.

Once again, thanks!

Technical forum / Placing items
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:53:07 PM »
Hello everyone!

I've been making a first-person adventure, and up until now, if I couldn't find the answer to a problem here I've been able to trial-and-error my way to a solution. This is satisfying, but often it is time consuming! My problem now might really be just a matter of opinion, but I'd like to know the best way to handle it. In my game I have a safe with three keyholes. In my inventory I have three keys, a red, a blue, and a green. For the safe to open, the correct key must be placed in the correct keyhole in the correct order e.g. first move: green key in bottom keyhole , second move: red key in top keyhole, third move: blue key in middle keyhole. The logic to this should not be a problem, but I am not sure the best way to place the keys back in the scene from the inventory as each key should be able to go into any keyhole (for all the incorrect permutations). Do I stack three !Active sprite entities above each keyhole? Or maybe just one sprite entity and set its sprite image accordingly on red_key, blue_key, green_key events? Or set different frames of one sprite entity to the different color key images and call the corresponding frame to display (if that can even be done)?

This leads me to another related question, when I had to place a single inventory item back in the scene, I set an !Active sprite entity where it needed to be, and then I had to set an area entity over the same space since the mouse won't detect the !Active sprite entity. Is this the way to handle the situation? It doesn't seem elegant to me. From what I gather, entities can be visible and interactive, visible and !interactive, or !visible and !interactive, but not !visible and interactive, is this the case?

Thanks in advance guys, and for the million other questions you already answered for me on these boards.

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