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Help wanted and offered / Hello, have an idea, need support!
« on: September 11, 2010, 04:43:16 PM »
hello, im new here, I'm Bryan Wilson, have been trying to find a good team of programmers, artists and watnot. i have limited programming and no artistic talent so im hoping i can rally some people.
   My idea revolves around a indiana-jones esque guy named Caine Gabriele, who is searching for legendary treasure. I always loved the Indy point and click games and would love to do stuff in that vaine

The things I will need are

- More story writers (not needed)

I basically can do all the story and concepts plus dialog, but my limited programming skills limit me, i am also not the best artist. I know i'm new (and maybe late?) to this program and community, but hopefully someone will think this idea is great and that they wouuld like to help. I am still working on the overall story but it will be a serious and semi light-hearted, With the same style of the Indiana Jones games. So if your interested pleace respond with what you can do.

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