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WME Lite / Re: Additional Platforms?
« on: September 01, 2012, 12:11:19 AM »
You don't have to provide sources through the same way (the app stores you mentioned) to comply with GPL (scummvm license). Any way is acceptable. Of course unless the app stores or the SDK prohibits the use of GPL (like nintendo SDKs).
The GPLv2 states otherwise. But I really don't want this to turn into a licensing debate.  ::rock

This is a very often asked feature for scummvm and this port will provide exactly that. Support for new content. Scummvm wiki says so. Implementation in scummvm will recognize new & unknown wme games that follow certain criteria. Adding official support for them should be pretty easy (as long as there are no bugs in the implementation ofc).

I am aware that the wiki page for the engine says so. At this point, since the engine isn't done yet (at least I haven't seen it show up in the tree yet…), I'd have to say the FAQ overrules the engine's goals still. :)

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of ScummVM (else why would I be trying to get a quality port done to a new platform?) but WME Lite is in a generally workable state today. I also suspect that using ScummVM on a mobile device might have more overhead than WME Lite itself, just due to its nature.

Further, I haven't seen Mnemonic state that WME Lite will be discontinued in favor of the ScummVM implementation, so having a choice of two quality engines available is a good thing in my estimation.  ;D

WME Lite / Re: Additional Platforms?
« on: August 31, 2012, 08:44:39 PM »
ScummVM doesn't yet support the platform I have in mind. ;) (I am working on that but since there is some "moving target" stuff in the SDK and ScummVM is "big", I expect it's another couple of months before I can have something to show people, let alone distribute.) Well, there is a half-hearted port wandering around, apparently without source, and I am working on a proper port. It is just one of the things on my plate teaching me about the "fun" that is OpenGL/ES. :)

WME Lite, itself, however is a much more manageable target and has better licensing for mobile development (there is still lots of vagueness as to what is allowed and required in terms of fulfilling source code requirements, as you cannot usefully provide source via app stores). Aside from that, I am interested in creating new content using WME; ScummVM is specifically not designed for that (they even mention it on their FAQ).

So, really, WME Lite is probably what I should be looking at, which is why I decided to ask here rather than assume that I will have to finish my ScummVM porting and then write a game within the port's limitations (which are currently more than WME Lite's limitations, though this may or may not be temporary). :)

Since you mentioned DOSBox… The platform vendor has a port on their GitHub. Performance is atrocious, on-screen keyboard reaction is wonky, and their SDL hacks make me cry. It is out of the question for distributing content, in my opinion. :)

WME Lite / Additional Platforms?
« on: August 29, 2012, 10:57:15 PM »
I hate for my first post to the forum to come across as "needy", but things are what they are.  :-\

My main concern at the moment is that I want to use WME Lite on a platform not supported by BASS (the actual platform, aside from "Not a supported BASS platform", is irrelevant at the moment aside from knowing that it's a POSIX OS using the GNU toolchain, as I have a couple of platforms on my future agenda which may fall into this category). I have been in contact with BASS about this platform and was essentially told to take a hike. I guess they saved me a couple thousand euro (the "as many products as you want" license), in exchange for a monkey wrench being thrown into my plans! ;D

I mean, I could do a silent game, but that wouldn't be terribly entertaining.  ::) I didn't see any hooks in the source where I could plop in a different sound library. I realize that the sound library has been changed before, which is why I was hopeful that it'd be relatively easy to figure how to swap BASS out with something else. (I haven't really figured out what I would replace it with, as first I probably should get a handle on what's required.)

Am I missing something obvious? Are there plans to target WME Lite at other platforms (which would require thinking and planning around this)?

I'm, of course, willing to do the work to actually port WME Lite to the platform I have in mind (and of course send patches if I actually meet any success). However, it's not something I want to embark upon if there's no hope whatsoever of sound. ;)

I'm hopeful Mnemonic has some input, but I was wondering whether anyone else using WME Lite was looking at their alternatives to the perceived iOS/Android mobile duopoly. I know which basket I'm putting a lot of eggs in, so I was curious if anyone but me would actually benefit by me attempting to get WME Lite running on new platforms. Alternatively, would my work be better spent on something else that would benefit WME users? ::rock

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