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Author Topic: Looking for 3D Character Modellers (any style) - Free  (Read 3446 times)

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Looking for 3D Character Modellers (any style) - Free
« on: May 27, 2009, 05:57:14 PM »


I've been looking and trying to work on my own adventure - of course, made with wintermute - and at last I decided to start seriously my little game.

The adventure's plot is not very large. Actually, there's not an specific plot. This game is a "demo" with only 3 scenes (using 3D). I'm focusing on the atmosphere (cinema-like, doing good camera cuts and a good customization ).

The main character is driving trough the desert - he's doing a transportation of drugs, working for the mafia - when his cars breaks. Luckily, he gets stuck just into a little village (the 3 scenarios: street, garage and bar). Our character would have to solve townspeople's problems in order to get our of there.

I'm working with 3d scenes, script programation, all - except characters -. The only thing I need - Actually, I finally decided to post here because I simply cannot afford that work -succesfully - are 3d character models.

For this demo - I repeat is a provisory demo, potentially a game or not  ;) - I would need 6 mexican characters:
  • A mechanic, under a car (not the car, I've one), reparing it, lying on the floor and with 2 or 3 animations: repair, talk.
  • The main character, walk, talk and take anims.
  • Two sisters sitting inside the bar. Talk anims
  • A mexican guy (hat and "poncho" included ;) ) sitting outside, in the street. Talk anim.
  • Barman. Talk anim and idle (cleaning cups or something)

That's all the job. I've tried 3dsmax, poser, daz3d, (I couldn't get Quidam Prime :P )but still getting ridiculous meshes.

The work would be : modelling, rigging, animating, and texturing the models. (Low-polys)

I welcome any style: "blocky" like Grim Fandango, or more realistic like Broken Sword.

Of course, if doing this, the project would become 50/50 produced - A "You and me" Game  ::) not a "Mine" game with your help... -

I repeat this project works step b ystep. If this 3 Scenes worked we would think about continue ( I do this so as to no to become crazy with work planification).

In this post you can see an screenshot of the game. I hope it like you: (that's the garage, move out my mesh of course).


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