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Author Topic: Concept artists wanted (nonpaid)  (Read 3510 times)

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Concept artists wanted (nonpaid)
« on: September 24, 2009, 04:01:22 PM »

Project name:
Working title Dage Engine demonstration project - name to be changed.

Brief description:
I'm developer of Dage Engine, which is a developer toolset for creating full 3D adventure games. The engine is in stage where it needs small but full quality game to show it's potentials. I'm seeking concept artists to create beautiful, high quality concepts of environments and characters for an adventure game.

Project will be finished in 6 months from starting, but the concept artist part for game should not take no longer than on 1.5 months.

Target aim:

I'm not paying any compensation for this, because I'm also offering Dage Engine for free to anyone to use. Naturally you will get a full credit.

If the team works well together, there is a possibility to make another commercial game together.

Using Dage Engine.

Talent needed:

One or two concept artists to create beautiful scenery, interesting characters etc for an adventure game.

General requirements:

 - Good English reading and writing
 - Able to work in a team over internet
 - Have enough free time to participate with the team
 - Have good or exceptional skills in creating 2D art using software free of choice
 - Ability to read written descriptions of scenery and characters and create various detailed sketches and concepts based on those designs
 - Being Adventure Game Fanatic is a huge plus ;)
 - Ability to understand 3D modeling is a plus
Now if you are interest to join my team, please have the following sent as attachments to my email:

 - Link to your portfolio, that shows vast range of your skills in creating digital and traditional 2D art
 - Little description of yourself (where you come from, what you like to paint, are you only interested in particular topic, such as character building etc etc, be creative ;))

Positions are filled as soon as promising artists are found. Please send the CV before 02.10.2009.

Team structure:
I'm the project leader, and also since I'm the developer of Dage Engine, I'm responsible for tool programming and scripting.

In addition to me, there are two highly educated creative writers, one game designer and two orchestral composers currently in the team.

More info about the Dage engine:

email: pauli.suuraho (å)

Previous Work by Team:


If you have questions, I'm happy to answer most of them. Reply here or send me an email.

Pauli Suuraho
pauli.suuraho (ä)

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