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Author Topic: $200 for one walk cycle and some animations for Mapoco Mountain Demo  (Read 6638 times)

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Hello everyone,

I am the writer and director of a new point and click adventure game named Mapoco Mountain. I work within a close team of 6 people that all work on making this game happen. Here is a little info on our game.

A new point and click adventure game, Mapoco Mountain follows the story of an unwitting hero named Malakey Wigwam. An apprentice clock maker turned pessimistic wanderer, Malakey is reluctantly pushed onto the broken path of adventure.

Trouble and corruption quickly becomes apparent in the fantasy world of Astrumn Earth when the down and out Malakey stumbles upon a mysterious secret sect known as ‘the Stronghold’, working within the ranks of the so called protectors of the land; ‘the Warrior Legion’. As our unlikely explorer investigates further he is sucked into the conspiracy deeper than he originally thought possible. He soon discovers that his knowledge of a mysterious plan could endanger his own life. Luckily our disgruntled protagonist manages to escape the dungeons, fleeing his home town to unsuspectingly embark on a dangerous journey. Through the mayhem of fallen heroes assisting his escape and an unwanted companion in the form of a smart mouthed imp, Malakey manages to sustain a sarcastic yet humbling outlook on his diminishing life. As his quest intensifies, Malakey eventually leaves his scepticism when he learns he is in fact part of an ancient prophecy. He must locate and help ‘the Shangoole’ - the last true Warrior - in order to stop the Stronghold executing their plan of world domination.

Mapoco Mountain is set in a fantasy world of magical cities and gigantic creatures travelling across ancient lore encrusted civilisations, all presented in enchanting hand-drawn graphics with  easy to use point and click mechanics used to guide Malakey through the intrepid depths of Astrumn Earth.

We have had interest from some major publishers already and are currently in the process of putting the demo together in order to pitch Mapoco Mountain to investors and publishers. However we're short of the walk cycle for the main protagonist, also we need some animations, hand reaches out to pick up, talking (not lip synced) etc. Nothing major, but we need it all done by February the 25th at the latest.

We need one 2D animator for the demo at the moment but ultimately a few for the whole game so there will be further work and a chance to join the team in the future.

We need a skilled animator who can work from just the concept art of the character below and create the angles needed for the walk cycle themselves, matching his look identically. 8 fps is fine for the animation. A side plate will also be offered of Malakey.

Malakey Wigwam (the main protagonist)

Also we will need a small animation of the character below. A simple seated to standing and moving aside, also a movement for the talking (not lip synced).


The final animation will be of this creature below, he will need to fly around a bit and also sniff at some nectar.

Dragon Kin

A full list of animations will be emailed to the artist once approved.

$200 (USD) will be paid once all the work is complete.

Knowledge of and experience with using the winter mute games engine will be a big advantage but is not essential.

If you would like to take part in this project we request that you provide us with a test first. We need for you to have a work from the concept we have of Malakey and make a SE or SW walk cycle for him. A rough pencil would do for the animation, but a clean pencil would be great of the sprite frame itself.

A mix of traditional and flash animations is fine, so long as the walk cycle doesn't look stiff. Something of this quality is perfectly acceptable.

Please contact if you're interested.

Thanks for your time,
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Re: $200 for one walk cycle and some animations for Mapoco Mountain Demo
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sent you an email


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