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Author Topic: Need help/pointers with shaders, effect files...  (Read 2065 times)

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Need help/pointers with shaders, effect files...
« on: March 10, 2010, 08:36:57 AM »

I have been trying to figure out how to add shaders to a 2.5D project and to be frank, I seem to have run into a wall.

The only effect I have gotten to work properly so far was that red outer glow shader posted by another member.
I tried to make a simple one by hand (a tutorial on the internets to create a simple ambient light pixel shader) but as
far as I could tell, that didn't really do anything although it was correctly applied.
I actually tried a few copy-paste shaders that either did nothing or rendered the whole character black.
The same thing happened with several template shaders (tweaked or not) I created with Nvidia's FX Composer 2.5.

The WME documentation offers some starters but it seems to me that not everything works with Wintermute and I would rather ask for help now than continue shooting in the dark.

Is someone willing to share any shaders you have gotten to work? (besides the outer_glow.fx)
Any pointers on shader features that work or don't work?
Any settings in Wintermute itself that affect how shaders show on the model? (my project uses stencil shadows, does that matter?)

If you want, I can post a follow-up with links to the shader tutorials I was going through.

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