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Author Topic: Avast! Looking for semi-talented programmer  (Read 4142 times)

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Avast! Looking for semi-talented programmer
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:38:26 AM »

Hello there.

The name's Max, don't wear it out. Me and another landlubber is currently working on the insanely funny BLACK comedy graphical adventure game called NINE STEPS TO NOWHERE starring the utterly loathsome, pathologically narcissistic and the self-absorbed failure of a human being with a permanent sneer: Jeff Farley, prime candidate for being the most unsympathetic comedy protagonist of all time.

Being a loser musician of epic proportions, he's down on his luck. He's about to be evicted! He haven't paid the bills for 6 months! On the verge of tears, lamenting his seemingly avoidable fate to become a bum, the phone rings with an offer he can't refuse...

But Jeff needs help!

Since the ones creating him can sadly only paint, script and create music but are total doltards when it comes to programming they need help... And wintermute seems like a nice enough engine! And the people here seems nice one enough as well!

So the requirements are basically

  • Be somewhat good at Wintermute
  • And with that I mean, creating a brand new interface
  • ... being able to make little characters walk across the screen
  • Being interested in creating an awesome music system!

Yeah! If you are interested, PM me or hit me up with a mail and we will talk more.



Sadly, there's no money to be found in this project. Freeware tastes good.


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Re: Avast! Looking for semi-talented programmer
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2010, 10:54:13 AM »

Hi there!

I just read your Post, if you still need help with developing, drop me a mail. I'm currently not involved in any active Project, so I've got some sparetime :)  I'm able to Develop wintermute scripts, and since I'm a C++ developer, I could also develop plugins for WME if any are needed.



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