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Author Topic: The Carnival of Monkey Island: background artists needed!  (Read 4359 times)

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The Carnival of Monkey Island: background artists needed!
« on: October 25, 2011, 06:11:41 AM »

I thought I'd tell you about the new MI fanproject which takes place between MI2 and MI3, about the said Carnival of the Damned (aka Big Whoop), explaining how Guybrush wound up sailing in the red bumper car in the middle of the Caribbean. The art style is going to be similar to CMI, and the game will be divided in three episodes. The list of characters includes:
- Guybrush (of course)
- LeChuck
- Skeletal Pirates
- Largo (he's finally going to make a comeback)
- The Voodoo Lady
- Fettuccine Brothers
- Herman Toothrot (maybe)
- Cannibals (maybe)
- Pirate Bar Patron(s)
- Clown with a strong New Yorker accent
- Chuckie
- Guybrush as a child
- Elaine as a child
- Old man Guybrush
- John Decringe (a reference to Joseph Decreaux and Desinge)
- Winslow
- Stan
and more, and more! You can read the rest here:

The project is currently looking for some background artists, the only available screenshot for now:

And a couple of other BG's, created by the same artist for a different project:


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