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Author Topic: Interested in composing music for a game - specializes in electronic music  (Read 3917 times)

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Hi all,

I'm interested in composing music for a game or two. My style is definitely more on the electronic side of things, though feel free to give examples of different styles you're after and I can give some thoughts and samples.

As far as in the realm of electronic music...anything from House, Dubstep, Techno, Trance, Pop, etc... to ambient, IDM/Braindance, experimental, "Tron" (both the original and Tron:Legacy), 70's moody electronic movie soundtrack, Giorgio Moroder, etc...

You can hear some examples of my music on these two websites, though most of this is much more in the House and club side of things: (old)

Some particular examples-
A more "organic" style:
"Chillout" dance music, sort of ambient:
Classic, club-centric Filter House:
"80's driving music":
Instrumental pop:
Downtempo/old school electro/trip-hop/instrumental hip hop:
New Jack Swing meets Nu Disco?:
Kind of a "complextro" type thing, I suppose:
Indie dance type track:
Disco tech/filter house:
Another "indie dance" type track:
Filter house:
Chillout/glitch/jazz house:
Funky, deep, club-centric house:
Braindance? (more AFX than Aphex Twin though, I suppose):
More filter house:
Filter house:
I was never fond of this track, but it got me in a magazine, so...:


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