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Author Topic: Speech ballon for actor  (Read 2262 times)

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Speech ballon for actor
« on: January 11, 2015, 01:24:24 AM »


Am looking make a speech ballon background for the custom Talk method.

I overwrote the actor Talk method with the following code, but I do not know how to position the window below the text that says the actor.

Code: [Select]
method Talk(srcString)
var tmpState = Game.Interactive;
    Game.Interactive = false; 

    var ballon = Game.LoadWindow("interface\speech-ballon\speech.window"); // load the dialogue window   

this.Talk(srcString); // call the game talk method
    Game.UnloadObject(ballon);  // dispose of the window

Game.Interactive = tmpState;   

Can you help me?

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