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Technical forum / Re: WME 1.9.1 (Kinjal Edition, v1.8)
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:08:35 PM »
WME Community Edition v2.0 (based on WME 1.9.1), 26 June, 2012:
 [ + ] Added limited support for hardware cursors.
       Related functions:
         bool Game.EnableHardwareCursors(bool flag) - enable or disable hardware cursor.
         bool Game.SetHardwareCursor(string external_path_to_cursor_image, int cursor_type) - allows you to specify a cursor image for specified cursor action type.
              external_path_to_cursor_image - path to hardware cursor, which location is HAVE TO BE start from directory where game exe is located. DCP-archives are not supported.
         bool Game.IsHardwareCursorsEnabled - return true, if HW cursors are enabled.
       Example of use (you can place this code in beginning of game.script, for example):
Code: [Select]
         global HWC_NORMAL = 0;
         global HWC_ACTIVE = 1;
         global HWC_NONINTERACT = 2;
         global HWC_HOVER = 3;
         global HWC_NORMAL2 = 4;
         Game.SetHardwareCursor("cursors\cursor.cur", HWC_NORMAL); // Will search cursor.cur in "PATH_TO_GAME_EXE\cursors\cursor.cur".
         Game.SetHardwareCursor("cursors\cursor_active.cur", HWC_ACTIVE);
         Game.SetHardwareCursor("cursors\cursor_noninteractive.cur", HWC_NONINTERACT);
         Game.SetHardwareCursor("cursors\cursor_hover.cur", HWC_HOVER);
         Game.SetHardwareCursor("cursors\cursor_normal.cur", HWC_NORMAL2);
         1. Hardware cursors will work only in fullscreen mode. If you switch to windowed mode - software cursor will be shown automatically, and back to hardware cursors when you switch to fullscreen mode again. So, if you want to use hardware cursors, you still have to keep your software cursors.
         2. Hardware cursors are not supported for entities (with custom cursors). When you mouse over on such object, related entity's software cursor will be shown.
         3. You can use only .cur or .ani files for hardware cursors. Other extensions/types are not supported.   
         4. If you do everything right, but HW cursors still won't show, please look into WME.log for errors.
 [ + ] Added new stats: graphics (dc = draw calls, pc = polycount, tex = total texture size in video memory), sounds (total, playing, paused).
 [ + ] Added "VSyncEnabled" setting to "Video" section in WME.ini
 [ + ] Added bool Scene.ShowGeometry2D property.
Code: [Select]
         if (Keyboard.KeyCode == VK_F2)
           Scene.ShowGeometry2D = !Scene.ShowGeometry2D;
       Green color - region rectangle.
       Red color - sprite rectangle.
 [ + ] Added quick save to Game.SaveGame. Now it looks like this: Game.SaveGame(int Slot, string Desc, bool useQuickSave). You have to update your game scripts prior to use Game.SaveGame and add third parameter (true or false), otherwise game will crash on attempt to save a game.
 [ - ] Fixed potential crash with modern scene transition.
 [ - ] Fixed a few first-chance exceptions happens in WME debug version only.

Download link:

v1.9, 16 июня, 2012:
 Добавлено: ф

Technical forum / Re: WME 1.9.1 (Kinjal Edition, v1.8)
« on: June 17, 2012, 09:50:01 AM »
I have received a few suggestions in my mailbox past week about my WME edition, so decided to make new version with a few changes, because looks like a few people still use my edition :]
v1.9, 16 June, 2012:
 ADD: function Scene.ChangeScene has been updated: added two new arguments - [bool useModernTransit = false] and [int FadeDur = 200]
       useModernTransit - if set to true, modern scene transition feature will be used, which force fade out previous scene by making it disappear slowly.
       FadeDur - allow you to tweak fade duration. Applicable for modern and old fade out. Higher values - slow disappearing, low values - fast disappearing.
       Example: Game.ChangeScene("scenes\level.scene", false, false, true, 400);
       Modern transition and old transition are stackable.
 ADD: functions Game.IsFullScreenSwitchSupported and SetWindowedMode updated: now if game resolution is larger than user's desktop resolution, the game will be running in full screen mode without ability to switch into Windowed mode.
 ADD: Added new config/registry option: UseGameNativeResolution to [Video] section. If set to 1, video resolution will be set to game resolution. Solve the issue when running game with 1024x768 resolution on monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.       
 ADD: Project files and some source codes ported to VS2010 (VS2008 project files not supported anymore, so I don't think WME KE 1.9 will compile with VS2008)
 ADD: Output debug window in Visual Studio will receive game log messages. Useful when running game from Visual Studio.
 ADD: Now, debug logging is can be enabled when "wme.log" is found in game directory, in addition to DebugMode variable in wme.ini/registry.
 CHG: Deleted "- Wintermute Engine" from game window title. Yeah I know, Mnemonic will be unhappy, but some publishers (like Bigfish) require this.
 CHG: Changed default save files directory to APPDATA (for ex. <User>\AppData\Roaming\CompanyName\GameTitle\). Same done for Game.ScreenshotEx2 function.
 CHG: Discontinued DirectX-8 version.
 Note #1: You should use only Debug_D3D9 or Release_D3D9 to build.
 Note #2: wme.sln its a project file that you need.
 Note #3: To debug WME exe project from Visual Studio, open "wme" project properties, switch to Debugging tab, and set there following values:
          Command -> ..\..\..\Binary\wme_D3D9.exe
          Command Arguments -> -project "D:\path_to_project\project.wpr"
          Working Directory -> D:\path_to_project\

Download link: --- contains both Binary and Source.

Техниче�?кий фор�?м / Re: Можно ли
« on: June 07, 2010, 02:28:31 AM »
Вроде в редакции Кинжала была такая возможно

Technical forum / Re: WME 1.9.1 (Kinjal Edition, v1.8)
« on: June 07, 2010, 02:24:06 AM »
I had checked it right now, everything works fine. What version do you use?
If Game.SetGamma()/GetGamma() works fine, Game.RestoreGamma should works too.

I totally agree. Such a feature is very important for a commercial title today
You can try WME Kinjal Edition, it support windowed/fullscreen switching in game, without game restart.

Общий фор�?м / Re:
« on: March 14, 2010, 10:56:40 AM »

Техниче�?кий фор�?м / Re: Главная форма
« on: March 14, 2010, 10:52:23 AM »
Как можно отключить главн

Technical forum / Re: Deformed 3d Actor
« on: March 13, 2010, 12:32:02 PM »
Did you try kWxPort exporter (

Техниче�?кий фор�?м / Re: Ф
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:54:54 AM »
в ВМЕ пои

Подкорректировал опи

Technical forum / Re: WME 1.9.1 (Kinjal Edition, v1.8)
« on: March 08, 2010, 07:25:25 AM »
v1.8 (07.03.2010):
ADD: Two new events: FocusLost, FocusReceived, and a property - bool Game.OnFocusLostPauseRenderer = bool value. (added by request of 2.0)
   FocusLost - this event happens when your application(game) lost its focus.
   FocusReceived - this event happens when your application receive focus back.
   Game.OnFocusLostPauseRenderer - if set to true, when game lost focus it will stop("freeze", like original WME do), if false - game will continue work (but music/sounds will be paused). Using of this property not needed if you ok with current state(that game freeze when focus lost) of things.

   These events are useful if you need something to do before game lost its focus. For example, show 'pause' menu.

   Note: Better to be declared in game.script.
ADD: New function bool Game.ScreenshotEx2(string filename, [int width = -1], [int height = -1], [int quality = 85], [bool AddDate = true], [bool SaveInDocs = true], [bool DoBMP = false], [string GameDirName = GAME_CAPTION_FROM_PROJECT_MANAGER], [bool Grey = false]).
   Differences from Game.ScreenshotEx:
   1) If DoBMP - false, function will save screenshots in JPG.
   2) Screenshot file extension in filename you DON'T have to set, it will be added automatically, in depends of DoBMP (true - ".bmp", false - ".jpg").
   3) In width and height you can set "-1", in this case for Width & Height will be taken game resolution (that you set in project manager).
   4) If AddDate - true, to filename will be added current date & time on this manner: Screenshot_dd-mm-yyyy_hh-mm-ss
   5) If SaveInDocs - false, screenshots will be created in current game directory, otherwise they will be created in user's My Pictures directory in this way: My Documents\My Pictures\\GameDirName\..., by the default value for GameDirName taken from caption field in project manager.
   6) quality - quality of picture for jpeg format. Ignored if DoBMP = true. Range of values - 0..100.
   7) If grey = true, screenshots will be monohromatic. Ignored if DoBMP - true.

   Example: Game.ScreenshotEx2("Screenshot", -1, -1, 85, true, true, true, "TestProject"); // a .bmp screenshot will be saved in "My Documents\My Pictures\TestProject\..."
           or: Game.ScreenshotEx2("Screenshot"); // if you ok with other parameters.
           or: Game.ScreenshotEx2("Screenshot", -1, -1, 85, true, false); // if you won't save screenshots in "My Documents\My Pictures", but in game exe's directory.

ADD: New property bool Scene.ShowGeometryStats = bool value - show additional statistics of your hidden geometry in current scene. Explanation of abbreviations:
   fn - currently loaded geometry file.
   l - lights count
   c - cameras count
   m - meshes count
   v - vertex count
   t - triangles(polygons) count
   This is how it looks:
Code: Text
  1.        if (Keyboard.KeyCode == VK_F1) Scene.ShowGeometry = !Scene.ShowGeometry;
  2.        else if (Keyboard.KeyCode == VK_F2) Scene.ShowGeometryStats = !Scene.ShowGeometryStats;
  3.        else if (Keyboard.KeyCode == VK_F3) Scene.ShowGeometryEx = !Scene.ShowGeometryEx;
ADD: New events ScreenshotDone and ScreenshotFail happens when Game.ScreenshotEx or Game.ScreenshotEx2 call is success. I don't think these events is needed because Game.ScreenshotEx/ScreenshotEx2 returns result of their call, but may be someone find them handy.
ADD: Properties void Scene.GeomWalkplaneColor = string color_hex_without_0x and void Scene.GeomGenericColor = string color_hex_without_0x. Waiting for color in hex, without 0x.
     Example: Scene.GeomWalkplaneColor = "FF1EEC07"; // green.
ADD: New property bool Scene.ShowGeometryEx = bool value - a bit more informative version of Scene.ShowGeometry, with following differences:
     1) You can set colors which will represent every object in your hidden geometry.
     2) On left side you can see list of objects in your hidden geometry file.

   This is how it looks:

   Note #1: Of course you cannot use ShowGeometry and ShowGeometryEx in the same time. In this case ShowGeometryEx have higher priority. But you can freely switch between each other.
   Note #2: This function has one limitation - supports not more than 20 colors. This is means that your geometry file should contain not more than 20 block-objects, otherwise use Scene.ShowGeometry.
   Note #3: If you set wrong color, white will be used as default.
   Note #4: If geometry file have objects more than you have set colors, black color will be used as default for these objects.
   Note #5: All colors are hex-values without 0x. For convenience you can use mine Color Picker*.
   You can find it in Tools directory.
   Note #6: You have to use void Scene.SetShowGeomExColors(array) to set colors.
   Note #7: You must declare colors and apply them in "SceneGeometryLoad" event(otherwise user-custom colors will not work) (raised automatically in process of geometry file parsing). Example:
Code: Text
  1. on "ScreenshotDone"
  2. {
  3.         Game.Msg("Done", 3000, 500, 400, TAL_LEFT);
  4. }
  6. on "ScreenshotFail"
  7. {
  8.         Game.Msg("Fail", 3000, 400, 500, TAL_LEFT);
  9. }
  11. on "SceneGeometryLoad"
  12. {
  13.         var scngeomblkdobjsclrs; // Scene Geometry Blocked Objects Colors :-D
  15.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[0] = "FFFD072D";  // 0, red
  16.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[1] = "FFF107FD"; // 1, pink
  17.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[2] = "FF3F07FD"; // 2, blue
  18.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[3] = "FF07F7FD"; // 3, cyan
  19.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[4] = "FF12CA03"; // 4, green
  20.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[5] = "FFFEF306"; // 5, yellow
  21.         scngeomblkdobjsclrs[6] = "FFD6AC02"; // 6, orange
  24.         Scene.GeomWalkplaneColor = "FF16D300";  // green
  25.         Scene.GeomGenericColor   = "FFE69C00";  // orange
  27.         Scene.SetShowGeomExColors(scngeomblkdobjsclrs);
  28. }   
ADD: New command line parameter -windowedmode. "game.exe -windowedmode" = game will run in windowed mode.
ADD: New function Game.ShowScriptErrors(bool value). If value = true - instead of "Script runtime error" you will see error explanation (its also logged). Better to declare it somewhere in begin of game.script.
CHG: Property Scene.ShowGeometry now save its state between scenes.
* - A little help for Color Picker:
    а) use BGRA-mode (set up by default). RGBA - for html and so on.
    б) if "auto copy" is enabled - generated hex value will be automatically copied to clipboard.

Links: - binaries (install: copy files to engine folder with replace) - sources.

v1.8 (07.03.2010):
ADD: Добавлено два новых эвента: FocusLost, FocusReceived, и

v1.7b (02.03.2010)

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