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Technical forum / Help! Game freezes on Game.AddResponse
« on: September 23, 2005, 12:11:41 AM »
ok, I can't figure this one out.  I tried several different things to determine the problem or work around it.  I am trying to start a conversation with my Doctor entity where you can choose what you want to say, but I keep running into this strange bug.  This is my second "game test" the first one, I had no problem, but when I go and talk to the doctor now, in this new test, the game freezes, the choices don't show and I can't click or do anything else in the game once it reaches this point.

I tried using the code from WME Help:
Code: [Select]
Game.AddResponse(0, "Hello.");
Game.AddResponse(1, "How are you?");
Game.AddResponse(2, "I'll be going.");

var Res = Game.GetResponse();


Code: [Select]
function MyTestDialogue()
  var EndBranch = false;

  while(!EndBranch) // loop until the player ends this dialogue
    // fill in the responses
    Game.AddResponse(0, "Hello.");
    Game.AddResponse(1, "How are you?");
    Game.AddResponse(2, "I'll be going.");

    // let the player choose one
    var Res = Game.GetResponse();

    // let the actor say the selected response

    // and now handle the selected one
      case 0:
        // some code to handle response #0
        this.Talk("Hi mister.");

      case 1:
        // some code to handle response #1
        this.Talk("I'm fine, thank you.");

      case 2:
        this.Talk("Bye bye.");
        EndBranch = true;  // response #2 exits the dialogue

But have the same problem.  I tried copying and pasting from my previous project as it's close to the same scene, but still have the same problem.

I can make my Doctor entity and my actor talk with out any problems, so it must have something to do with Game.AddResponse or Game.GetResponse. 

I've tried using the Molly actor as I thought it could be something wrong with my actor that I created.  Same problem.

WME doesn't generate any errors or logs for it, I've even checked the log files, nothing.  I even started a NEW project from scratch, and tested with a region entity.  Same Problem.  But when I load my previous game, the old version, it works fine, it works fine in the WME Demo. 

I thought maybe I was typing something wrong, so I downloaded UltraEdit and set it up, no errors were found.  What in the world can it me?!

Has anyone had this same problem?  What am I doing wrong?


Just a tip I thought I would share.
I've noticed that you can create a decoration floor to make your actor darker for when he is walking it dark areas, but what about shadows that only cover a partial area of the actor?

I've found a simple trick you can do to get around this, it may not work with all scenes, but here is what I did.

1:)  In Photoshop I open up my rendered scene and create a new layer. 
2:)  Using a hard brush, I paint over in the scene where I want my shadows to appear, I used black, but you can use any color.
3:)  Once you have your shadows set go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur
4:)  Apply an ammount that you think looks good.
5:)  In the layer of your shadows set a transparency level.
6:)  Hide the rendered scene layer and save the file as PNG.
7:)  Load the file in your scene in SceneEdit and move the layer to the correct spot

1:)  Use one of your sprite images between the image and shadows layer to see an over all affect.
2:)  You can also select an area and do a graduate fill so that it has nice color changes.

1:)  It makes your overall scene maybe too dark in some areas if it already has heavy shadows.
2:)  Effect only works in 3D Accelerated mode.
3:) The shadows are 2D so it may not look right in some cases.

Hope some of you finds this helpful.


Technical forum / DLL support for WME?
« on: September 15, 2005, 01:22:42 AM »
Hi all,

I was reading through the documention for WME last night, and came across dlls and that WME supports it.  It says that other languages could be used to develope dlls but have not been tested with WME.  I use Visual Basic 6 and have created a few dll's for use with DirectMusic sometime ago, it's pretty much a class that wraps up all the complicated calls to DirectX and simplify it into simple calls.  Does any one know if I will be able to call my dll from WME?  I tried once and it said there was a script error but I couldn't find what there error was.  I click the log tab in WME's main screen and it's blank.  Do you have to declare it in a certain script file in order for it to work properly?  I would like to make the dll calls available anywhere in the game.

The values that would need to be passed to the dll would be a filename(string) to the audio source to be used, hWnd(Long) for the window handle and some other intergers and longs for the tracks and positions.

I havn't worked much with dlls, but I thought it would be cool if I could get them to work with WME.  And if I can do it with VB6, which I'm most familer with, that would be awsome.  Just need a little direction.


Technical forum / How do I make my entity talk correctly?
« on: September 14, 2005, 04:32:10 AM »
Hi All,

This is my first test game and I've gotten around most problems, but there is a few I just can't figure out. 

Here is my setup:
I've got one actor, and one, I guess you call, entity, which has a talking and sitting sprite.  I added the entity to my project by right clicking, add entity.  I deleted all the pacman pictures and imported my own files, I set up the sprites and configured the script to go to the correct sprites for default(which is sit.sprite) and talk(which is talk.sprite)  Once I've done this I went to SceneEdit and clicked Add Entity.  I set the sprite to sit.sprite from my progject files and added the script doctor.script that I modified earlier.  I named the object "Doctor"

Now, here is my problem. 
When I open the Doctor.Script I can make him talk using"Hi, blah blah.);  You see the dialog appear on screen, but it's still playing the sit.sprite.  I've tried to force the animation, can't remember what command it was, and it worked, but it seems like it pauses the game for 2 seconds and then the game resumes.  I also tried using the Async to force the animation also, but it had the same affect.

My Second Problem
Ok, I think I'm missing something here, maybe I have to add something in some other script file, but here is my second problem.  When my character goes to look at book, in the book script I add the default script and change the code for when actor looks at book to this.

Code: [Select]
actor.Talk("Hmm.... What an interesting looking book..");
Doctor.Talk("Hey you, get away from there!");

When I change it to this, I can't interact with the book at all, I can't look or talk or pickup, but all the other interactions work for other items.  When I created the Doctor I made sure that all the names matched, and I can't use "this" command in the book script.  So how do I fix this?

Thanks in advanced for helping me.  I know it's probably something simple that I'm overlooking.

General Discussion / Wintermute Tutorials
« on: September 11, 2005, 04:39:03 AM »
Does anyone know of any websites or books for Wintermute?  I found that it's really hard to search online for.  When I search for Wintermute a bunch of matches come up for some book, it actually sounds pretty good.  Wintermute I think was some kind of computer intellegence software of somekind in the book.  As anyone read it by chance and is it any good.  I like Philip K Dick books, can't wait until A Scanner Darkly comes out.  It will be awsome!  And then, when I try and search for WME all I get is Windows Media Encoder.  I am aware of the tutorials in the manual which are good and the Wiki, which still seems new, anyone know of any other places?


Game design / 3D Rendered Scenes, which progam is easiest?
« on: September 06, 2005, 02:17:10 AM »
Hi All,

I'm currently learning WME (which I'm already impressed with) I havn't done any real programing yet, but I wanted to do a few samples to learn the interface and language.  My problem is...  I suck at graphics. What ever I design, I at least want it to look decent.  I've tried a few Programs, Blender, and GameSpace.... Blender seems really difficult, although I've read that it's easy to use(maybe for someone that does this kind of thing alot) I'm still learning GameSpace which seems more simplified and easier to use, but I'm still looking for something I can just throw together.  There was a program I had, many, many years ago, it was called Simply 3D.  I was looking for something a little bit better than simply 3d(for those of you who are familar with it) but it simply allowed you to drop prerendered objects onto your scene, it was really easy to texture your objects, and it included an entire library of pre-rendered objects.  If anyone knows of something that is simple to use like this or have other ideas, please let me know.  I guess it would also have to be something that I can use to develope the Hidden 3D Geometry for my charactor also.

At first I had the idea of using 3D Game Studio to render my backgrounds, and just take screenshots, as I have found that this is the fastest, and easiest 3d program to use, I just need more objects and of course, still have the problem of creating the 3d Geometry for my character.  Any suggestions or ideas would be very helpful.  Thanks.  -


Technical forum / Using BVH, Poser, and Milkshap
« on: September 06, 2005, 12:44:52 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I'd first like to say that I'm new here and am VERY impressed with the Wintermute Engine, I have done extensive search to find a great engine that's geared toward writing adventure games.  I think this maybe it.  It blew me away when I saw the 3D Character demo!

My questions is this, I'm doing all this stuff on my own right now, and I'm trying to find the most effective and easiest way to create my graphics.  Really, I'm just doing some test so that I can learn WME.  I want to use Poser to create my characters and I understand that Poser has too high of a poly count, but Milkshake offers a tool to lower the poly count.  The problem I'm having is that I have several BVH (Motion Capture Files) I'd like to use in animating my characters, to give them the most nature movement.  Milkshake, I see has an importer for BVH files, but I found little documentation on how to do this.  Perhaps it's something fairly new in MilkShake, but has anyone had any experience doing this, or have a work around in some way that I can use the BVH files?


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