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Technical forum / Re: background conversation demon - best practice?
« on: December 16, 2009, 10:35:42 PM »
(using WME 1.8.10 btw)

Technical forum / Re: background conversation demon - best practice?
« on: December 16, 2009, 10:35:27 PM »
i just found a bug which i'm not sure how to solve -
if you enter the scene , leave the scene  quicly, and renter - WME crashes, since its trying to call to the already running method in the tiny talk script, which is already running and sleeping.

Technical forum / background conversation demon - best practice?
« on: December 16, 2009, 10:18:05 PM »

I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to code a background conversation for two characters, like we did with Abbie and The Watcher in the forest of Pizza Morgana Episode 1.

My current architechture includes using a deamon script that runs in the background.
This sort of works in my Episode 2 code, up until when i try to change scenes, and it causes WME to crash (i susptect because two scripts might be calling the same entity's talk function while one is already running, i don't know why it causes WME to crash, though, i'll also mention that the talk function is overriden because of our baloon system, which might cause the crash)
The method is as follows (slight  Episode2 spoilres included) :

Create a script called TinyTalkConvDaemon :

Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

on "StartDaemon"
Sleep(2000); // sleep for safely

method TalkCycle()
var TalkCount = 1;

while (GameState.AngryWatcherStage < 6) {
if (Scene.Name != "DoubleDep") // quit daemon if we're not in the scene.
// can we talk? if not wait until we can.
while (!CanTalk()) {
// altrenate between the two characters's lines.
if (TalkCount % 2 == 0) {
} else {
if (TalkCount < 8) {
TalkCount = TalkCount + 1;
} else {
TalkCount = 1;


function CanTalk()
if (Scene.InConversation == true)
return false;
if (Game.Interactive != true)
return false;
if (Scene.Name != "DoubleDep")
return false;
if (actor != Watcher)
return false;
return true;

Generatit if the first time in Scene_Init:

Code: [Select]
StateDoubleDep.Visited = true;
// this is our first visit in this scene...

global TurnCycleDaemon;
global TinyTalkConvDaemon;

if (TinyTalkConvDaemon == null)
TinyTalkConvDaemon = new Object("scenes\DoubleDep\scr\TinyTalkConvDaemon.script");

call it from scene init whenerver we enter the scene, using an event so it won't cause the scene init script to wait for it to end and runs in a new thread:
Code: [Select]

if (TinyTalkConvDaemon.CanHandleEvent("StartDaemon"))

some questions and discussions :

1. is this the best way to do it?

2. IN the episode 1 deamons, i didn't use the events, but instead i just called TalkCycle() from the script's own code which is executed when the script is loaded.

3. We also used to keep it as a scene_init this.variable instead of a global, and unload it when leaving or entering the scene . is it the right way to do it ?

4. are there any posibilities for zombie daemons still running when you exit or re-enter the scene?

5. do many scripts of this type causes the engine to run slower (we have unresolved performance issues with EPisode 1 which we don't understand)


wow. pretty nice, only seen this now...


Game announcements / Knights in shining armor - new WME game
« on: December 14, 2009, 11:49:24 PM »
Hey Guys -
we just announced a new WME game, here's the press release. check it out:

Fluff Entertainment and Corbomite Games Announce "Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale"

A new episodic adventure game that will take you on the path of king hood.

 Tel-Aviv, Israel - December 15Th 2009 – Fluff Entertainment and Corbomite Games today announce the development of a new point and click adventure game series "Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale". Chapter one is expected to be available in Winter 2010 for PC.

Set in a dark medieval fantasy post war world, the story follows a young Prince Rupert on his way to king hood, through a foreign and hostile land. Arriving by ship on this new continent, Rupert must traverse it alone and reach its capital in order to prove his worth and take his princess. Along the way he encounters strange places and people alike.

"We are very excited to be taking part in this new project" said Oded Sharon, CEO of Corbomite Games "this gives us an opportunity to produce more episodic adventure content with different kinds of storytelling and art styles from our ongoing comic series Pizza Morgana, Zbang, or Heavenly Hell".

Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale features high resolution 3d rendered backdrops and classic-style point and click game mechanics. The game lets you explore a new medieval continent, meet its people and guide Rupert trough his journey.

For more information on Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale, please visit:

About Fluff Entertainment,
Fluff Entertainment is an independent game development studio that aims to produce adventure games.
Fluff Entertainment is currently working on its first title “KISA: our king’s tale” a classic-style adventure, set in a dark fantasy world.


About Corbomite Games,
Founded in 2006, Corbomite Games is a game development studio focusing on episodic adventure games. Corbomite employs an ace team of industry veterans, including Israeli comics creator and mini-celebrity Uri Fink. A team of talented writers, artists and software engineers with years of experience in computer and role playing games, round out the team.
Corbomite Games currently has two episodic comedy adventure game series in production, “Pizza Morgana” and “Zbang”, an Action-adventure game called "Heavenly Hell" and now adding this third series "Knights in Shining Armor" into its games portfolio. The studio is led by Oded Sharon, an experienced game maker with a passion for adventure games, Music based games, RPGs and MMOs.
For more information, on Corbomite Games, please visit:

Contact information:
For Inquires about KISA World

Corbomite Games

you're probably right about the two files swtiched.

i'll try that - thanks!

I tried saving file as text .X file from the MView , but then it refuses to load the the text file in mview now, but it does load it in WME, and the shodow is still not applied.

I don't know if i have the latest version of it in MAX, i remember there were some bowties in the shadow model in the past, and the version i have is one before that, my laptop


vs  older version, working , but has bowties which causes graphical glitches only in some computers. which was corrected in the newer version. in this one the skeleton does work correctly.

sorry was typing it by hand and it's cae sensitive.

here's the same thing in the Scene Editor of WME 1.8.10 (which uses DX 8)

it uses the exact same bone structure

here are the relevant lines from the .ACT3D file:

Code: [Select]
SCRIPT = "actors\Jackie\Jackie.script"
  SHADOW_IMAGE = "actors\Jackie\shadow.png"
  SHADOW_SIZE = 25.0
  LIGHT_POSITION { -80, 500, -80 }
  SHADOW_TYPE = "flat"
  SHADOW_COLOR { 0, 0, 0, 128 }


  ;--- external data
  MODEL = "actors\Jackie\Jackie6_cm_weld2.x" 

  SHADOW_MODEL = "actors\Jackie\Jackie_shadow.x"

I'll reemphasize, it works preferctly in DX8.

I'll also add that the shadow models looks ok in both MView and DXViewer.exe

Technical forum / Shadow Model isn't skinned when moving from DX8 to DX9
« on: December 11, 2009, 02:41:59 PM »

I have a problrem with Jackie's shadow when moving from using WME in DX8 to DX9.

When using DX9, the shadow model is always in t-pose as if the bones and skin isn't applied to it.
it works ok in DX8 in WME 1.8.10 but when changing it to DX9 or moving to WME 1.9.0 it behaves like this.

here is a screenshot

and the .X file

any ideas why is this happening or who to fix it?


Technical forum / Re: WME (Kinjal Edition)
« on: December 11, 2009, 02:30:59 PM »
any plans on merging these changes into the main 1.9 WME branch?

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