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Technical forum / fadeColor Property setup, help needed.
« on: August 29, 2009, 12:02:20 PM »
Nasty Bug WindowEdit!

I want to use fadeColor, but it bugs :( I heard earlier that this can be rounded by
setting up a property for this, so I am wondering...

How this kind of property is set?

I would like to do following:

When I open my Actions menu the background game screen goes darker and changes maybe color.
When I select an action the game screen comes normal again.

- Kypho

Technical forum / Static Menu
« on: August 29, 2009, 11:58:51 AM »
Hi Guys!

I am wondering how I could make static actions menu (where my TAKE, LOOK etc. stuff are).

Now I have following problem

if npc on the right and talk, the actions menu goes out of the screen, so
--> I would like to make it stuck in specific place, Static. for example in the middle of the screen :)

Thanks already

-Kypho ::slug

Technical forum / Multilevel moving backgrounds
« on: January 05, 2009, 07:04:35 PM »
Okay, I let's think about this...I would like to do the following.... first I would like to have a background with some really far things which you cannot reach and secondly I would like to have a background which you can see too but cannot walk and then a normal background for walking and things. BUT i would like to make those other backgrounds so that they scroll behind the walkable backround little bit, so it makes the feeling of "moving" better. If you know what I mean. At least in vampyre story they use this kind of thing. Is it possible in winter mute?

Then I would also like to have something before that walkable background (like a branch of tree or something) which keeps moving as the actor moves in walkable area :) Is this possible? Anyone know how to tweak the engine to do this?

- Kypho the beginner

Technical forum / Making a map functionality to Game
« on: December 26, 2008, 12:53:31 AM »
Hey again guys!

I made a cool map to my game (basicly just a scene) where you can go to different game locations. It's available when you find a map and it opens from "m" key...but as you might guess, I have a little problem.

Okay, here it is:

when I press "m" without moving in the same time the map opens and you can go to different locations, BUT if you move in the same time as pressing that "m" key, the map opens but the place "buttons" doesn't work, so practically you get stuck to that map forever :P...I tried to get around this bug my making interactive = false sentences all around my GoToObject functions and that sort of crap, but I feel it's quite clumsy cos even the normal movement now show the "loading" icon :P So I hope you hit your wise head together and help :D

- Kypho the beginner

Technical forum / How the DropItem function works?
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:03:38 PM »
I have a combining of two item Amulet and Wand, I get from this combination a "superwand" and drop the amulet and normal wand. The only problem is that, the old wand comes to the playing scene again (second time) so basicly the player is able to get another extra wand (it comes to same place where it is taken in the first place), which of course I want to prevent. How to work out of this? The amulet doesn't come anywhere. It goes to superwand correctly :P

- Kypho the beginner

Technical forum / How to test reasonably my game?
« on: December 08, 2008, 09:03:38 PM »
Hi... I wonder how is it possible to test game reasonably? For example, I put a new item to game. Take a save from early scene -> go to scene, take a item -> give error :( When I played the whole game from the start, it didn't give me that error anymore, is there a bug? hmm...This bothers me, cos I have to always play from start to end, if i want to test my new scene :P or am I just missing something?

-Kypho the beginner  C:-)

Hi, I tried to block one region (make it blocked from sceneedit) and then make a if statement that should release it if item is given to one guy. I tried this:

if (!TeleportOpen) Region.Blocked = true;
else Region.Blocked = false;

but as usually it didn't was only blocked for eternity :) hehe, I know this might be very basic to you guys, but I can't figure it out. The TeleportOpen is set to true if item is given to one npc entity. plz help :P

Thanks already!

- Kypho the Beginner

Technical forum / Z-order guiding needed :)
« on: October 26, 2008, 08:31:11 PM »
Hi everybody!

I could need a quick lecture about z-ordering. Just the basics for the start :)..How to use that infernal thing and how to use MoveToBottom() function for example and all those other functions as well.  ::slug

So the setup is like this. I have a sprite entity called "Gate" and I would like that to be on the bottom so that the actor can't go behind that gate. How do I control the z-order for this Gate I have? I have gate.script which contains the code of this gate and I think that I should put some code more to here, but don't know how. I tried to use that MoveToBottom() function, but all I get is error to my log  O0 ...heh.

Thnx already!

- Kypho the beginner

ps. when I get something done with this fantastic engine, I will let you see too ;)

Technical forum / Idle intelligence
« on: October 23, 2008, 07:55:35 PM »
Hi everybody on this Forum!

I have a very very veeery basic problem. My actor goes to idle state when he is talking with another character/npc. How to prevent this from happen? I have tried different things but all the time idle state turns on and the talking starts. I have tried with the following idle code (the same as in tutorial):

include "scripts\"
var IsIdle = false;
var IdleStartTime = 0;

while(true) // endless loop
  if(actor.Ready) // is the actor doing something
      // actor enters idle state
      IsIdle = true;
      IdleStartTime = Game.CurrentTime;
    else if(Game.CurrentTime - IdleStartTime > 5000) // is the actor idle for 5 seconds
      IdleStartTime = Game.CurrentTime;
  else IsIdle = false; // actor is busy; set IsIdle to false
  Sleep(100); // wait for 100 milliseconds
on "idle"
  // do some idle processing here
  actor.GoTo(Random(0, 1000), Random(0, 600));

I have tried to put something like this:

if(!IsIdle && !actor.IsTalking)

to make the if sentence have AND operator...but unfortenately this doesn't work...I have also tried to make boolean variable for contain the true/false value when the actor is talking/not talking and then use that variable in that if statement, but can't get it rolling yet... ::)

So if somebody has solved a problem like this before please help, cos I don't want my actor say zzz when talking to some npc.

Thanks :)

- Kypho the beginner

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