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Dear muties,

finally! Mark your calendars if there is anyone still alive. September 12 marks the spot.


Community bulletin board / Happy Birthday Mnemonic!
« on: June 22, 2014, 11:42:41 PM »
Dear Mnemonic,

I'd like to wish you Happy Birthday and lots of enthusiasm and thank you for WME engine. Even today it proves to be an amazing piece of software and many great things
wouldn't exist without you or WME.

I hope that we're going to meet again and celebrate your birthday properly as I want to invite you to our J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars launch party. In that aspect I also want to keep
the exactness of WME dating - so the launch party will be at 6 PM When it's done (tm).

Enjoy your b-day!  ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer

Bug reports / Engine crash - script trigger
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:18:20 PM »

I have encountered a replicable script crash (in case it was worth something):

In Scene Edit attach custom property to a region and call it IdObelisk with value 1

This code works flawlessly:

Code: WME Script
  1. global salia4_obelisksScanned;
  2. var id = ToInt(this.IdObelisk);
  3. salia4_obelisksScanned[id] = true;

This code desktop crashes WME:

Code: WME Script
  1. global salia4_obelisksScanned;
  3. salia4_obelisksScanned[ToInt(this.IdObelisk)] = true;

Bug reports / Bug in CWmeUtils::MakeRGBA
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:24:53 PM »
Proper method should look like this:

Code: [Select]
// packs RGBA values into a single DWORD number
unsigned long CWmeUtils::MakeRGBA(unsigned char R, unsigned char G, unsigned char B, unsigned char A)
return (unsigned long)((((A)&0xff)<<24)|(((B)&0xff)<<16)|(((G)&0xff)<<8)|((R)&0xff));

Hi muties,

I've created a set of tools which quite comfortably allows to scale your game.

If you are interested, go here and check it out.

There are two video tutorials to show you how the tool works so you shouldn't be lost. :)

Please note that this is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL tool and so use it only over a backup copy of your game.

Let me know how you like it or if there are any issues you find. Just don't blame me if your project gets destroyed. :)

Hi muties,

I've just published third chapter of my Surviving IndieGoGo feature.

In case you are interested in funding your game through crowdfunding efforts you might want to check it. :)

Hope that helps!

Bug reports / Game.StoreSaveThumbnail() - Dual monitor error
« on: August 12, 2013, 10:34:55 PM »
Hi Mnemonic,

I've ran into the following issue:

my menu is a window which opens from a regular scene. To preserve a nice screenshot I use the following code just before I display that window:

Code: WME Script
  1. if (!Game.StoreSaveThumbnail())                
  2. {                   
  3.     Game.Msg("Something went horribly wrong!");
  4. }

The image thumbnail is set in Project Manager to 176x176, Personal Savegames are set to Yes, Save directory as saves and Rich Saved Games to Yes.

At work I have W7 64bit, at home Vista 64bit (don't ask me why :))

In both cases the code runs with no problem, however on W7 only black rectangle is stored instead of thumbnail image.

On my home Windows Vista, the thumbnail is correctly stored and shown. As I use SVN so it's guaranteed both installations are the same. No error in log either. It seems that for some reason the method returns just a black rectangle.

One thing to mention is that at work I have dual monitor setup but I've played the game on the first (main) monitor.

UPDATE: I've tested on my W7 64bit laptop and savegame thumbnails work correctly there! I've tried all possible combinations and the issue is connected to dual monitor setup. No matter which monitor I run the game on, as soon as I have dual monitor setup, no thumbnail (or black square instead of proper image) is stored.

After some more testing, this issue happens only when either window or fullscreen is on the second monitor.

Thank you!

Bug reports / Dual monitor support bug - incorrect mouse region
« on: April 19, 2013, 11:44:24 AM »
I have two monitors and WME allows me to use either first or the second by selecting on of the two (same) gfx cards.

The image is displayed correctly on the first or the second screen, however the mouse is locked on the very first screen regardless of the gfx card selected so I can't interact with the game at all.

Tested on 1920x1080, dual monitor. Fullscreen.

Thank you!

Edit: Also it's set to extension mode so one huge desktop spanning two screens.

Game announcements / J.U.L.I.A. Enhanced Edition Announced
« on: March 07, 2013, 02:56:55 PM »
Dear muties,

to settle the Lace Mamba fiasco, we're now crowdfunding our enhanced edition of J.U.L.I.A. What originally started as a modest goal keeps growing and we'd welcome any kind of your support.

Please consider looking at our campaign by clicking at this nice image and supporting us either directly or by sharing the news.

Thank you!

Jan 'metamorphium' Kavan

Dear muties,

as many of you know, we had to go through expensive legal proceedings with Lace Mamba Global to get back rights. They never paid us a single cent for the release even if the game was quite succesful. We're currently trying to recover from this blow and since (from yesterday) our rights are back, I'd like to ask you for support.

Please go to:

This will cost you nothing and get you remastered version with some fixes and slight changes (released as a patch for those who already own J.U.L.I.A.) if we are greenlit. For us this means to recover at least some of the ongoing 3 years time and money investition into the biggest WME game we've ever created.

Thank you for considering to support us and all the best,


General Discussion / Vampires! have been released for PC and Mac
« on: November 01, 2012, 12:51:27 AM »
Dear muties,

we're proud to present a release of our new game "Vampires!" for PC and Mac. It's available in our DRM free store for $9.99 as a digital download.

If you want to support us, you can visit

Also demo is available here:

Hope you'll like it.

Development / Opening AppStore from WME Lite (iOS feature only)
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:32:00 PM »
Hi muties,

WME lite has a built in capability of in-app purchases. However our publisher decided that they wanted to have two separate version when the lite would open the full version in app store for purchase. For that reason I had to do some modification to sources and I hope Mnemonic will add them to the main build. :wink: :wink:

Without much ado:

changes to ios_utils.h (bold)

Code: WME Script
  3. #ifdef __cplusplus
  4. extern "C" {
  5. #endif
  7.         void IOS_GetDataDir(char* buffer);
  8.         void IOS_ShowStatusLine(int show);
  9.         void IOS_GetDeviceType(char* buffer);
  10.         void IOS_OpenAppleStore(char* ID); // this has been added by me
  12. #ifdef __cplusplus
  13. }
  14. #endif

changes to ios_utils.m

Code: WME Script
  1. void IOS_OpenAppleStore(char* ID)
  2. {
  4.     NSString* nsId = [[NSString alloc] initWithCString: ID];
  6.     NSString* targetString = @"itms-apps://";
  7.     targetString = [[targetString stringByAppendingString: nsId] stringByAppendingString:@"&mt=8"];
  9.     [nsId release];
  11.     [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString: targetString ]];
  14. }

changes to AdGame.cpp

Code: WME Script
  1. // this will need to be added to CAdGame::ScCallMethod if else blocks
  3.     else if (strcmp(Name,"OpenAppleStore") == 0) {
  4.         Stack->CorrectParams(1);
  5.         char* AppleStoreId = Stack->Pop()->GetString();
  6.         IOS_OpenAppleStore(AppleStoreId);
  7.         Stack->PushNULL();
  8.         return S_OK;
  9.     }

Also the same file needs to have:

#include "ios_utils.h"

at the top.

The usage in the actual scripts is simple:

Game.OpenAppleStore("123456789"); where the number is your application apple store id.

Hope this helps to someone. :)

Community bulletin board / Happy birthday odnorf
« on: March 26, 2012, 08:18:52 AM »
Happy birthday you old lampdog!

I guess this could be enough for you:  ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer


Hi there,

I am developing J.U.L.I.A. Untold which uses the wme lite structure:

xdevice_phone.dcp (where we want to store startup.settings with 960x640 resolution) - lower priority
xdevice_tablet.dcp (where we want to store startup.settings with 1024x768 resolution) - higher priority

However the problem is, that Project Manager saves the default values into startup.settings in all packages regardless of priority during compilation thus effectively destroying my idea. :)

I workaround that by setting startup.settings as a ReadOnly file which works, but I'd like to ask if there's a better way how to deal with multiple resolution or if this can be fixed?

Thank you!

Game announcements / J.U.L.I.A. Playable demo now available
« on: February 27, 2012, 06:37:51 PM »
Hi muties,

Playable demo is up. Go to to get it.


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