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Technical forum / sky, clouds - slow motion (no pixels)
« on: July 27, 2007, 07:19:22 AM »
How can we make a smooth movement of the sky (clouds)? Now, other than traffic discretization of pixel is produced. Attempting to move the texture of the area, but failed. Rotation of the area is not suitable. : (

If interesting, that here is reference to russian-language site of the project:
There, there is mass screens from project:

The screenies are really beautiful, even for adult viewers. Very, very nice work!

Thank you. We tried.
Think our project to attract the big amount of the admirers given slider on territory of the Russia... But may be... and not only Russia. ;)

Looking great. So the game is finished and in stores in Russia?
The Game completed, now deal for publisher. Think that soon game will become available all wanting... but while only on territory of the Russia.

This project as our, so and Your! Without WME TiB did not take place! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jan.

While it is Russian game... while... for russian children. :)
IT you may buy in Russia. :)

The completed design of the game on WME: "Fairy tales about Toshechka and Boshechka".

Not exactly, but you can see some tutroial here, which might help you.

I want to implement it in one of my projects, but it's not my priority for now.

Many thanks, think it that it is necessary!

you would have to implement Pamela or another lipsync mechanism for that. As it's now, you have no access to the frequency / amplitude information of the waveform. It's being handed directly over to Microsoft DirectSound.
Possible example?

As possible synchronize animation opening mouth Actor's with sound file reproducible Talk/TalkAsync?
For instance, at moments null (or lower level Amin) of the amplitude to sound file in determined moment of time, animation personage stops.

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