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Technical forum / How does one play "Spank the hero"?
« on: June 01, 2019, 07:04:35 PM »
Dear Muties,

I downloaded and ran Spank the Hero on my computer. Figured out how to beat the monster with Left + space buttons. However, after the enemy is dead, night comes and nothing happens next. Is there something more or is it only a demo for fighting made with WME?


Technical forum / 2D sidescroller/platformer with WME?
« on: May 28, 2019, 03:25:37 PM »
Hi Muties!

I've got a question. Is it possible to make a 2D sidescroller/platformer game like the first Prince of Persia (1989)?

Has anyone already done this with WME? Any advice, code snippets to share? There were example games like White Chamber or Spank the Hero for other genres. I'm going to deal a lot with drawing 2D character sprites and the backgrounds, but the technical side of game development is pretty hard for me. So please excuse my level of wit in coding.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Wintermute community!

I searched through this forum and only found partial answers to my questions, that is why I decided to ask them here, in the new topic.

1. What is the easiest and smoothest way to create a scene with just text on screen and voice behind, maybe with some background image or just against black screen? I found an advice about making a text window and then unloading it, but what about text AND voice (talk)?

2. Is there a way to kinda lock actors' movement in the x-axis, so that they moved in a straight horizontal line, without swaying up and down in the y-axis? The point is there won't be any depth in my game, everything's pretty flat. Previously I asked this in one of the previous topics and anarchist shared a brilliant idea of making two blocked regions with a narrow walking path between them for actors. Still, sometimes I notice actor sprites do sway up and down a bit within that walking stripe. Is there a code to ban actors from moving in the y-axis at all or is keyboard control with LEFT and RIGHT keys the only way to provide movement in a perfect horizontal line?

What do you think? Maybe someone has already solved such things in their games?

THANK YOU for your ideas and experience!

Dear Muties!

Here I am again with another question. Like previous ones I think it is pretty much common for adventure games, so lots of people may be interested in the solution.

In "The Cat Lady" (this adventure game has recently become my huge inspiration) there is a cutscene/scripted scene with a van driving across the scene. I've made some screens and combined them in this GIF to illustrate what I mean:

What I am especially interested here is the van moving horizontally past trees and houses in the background.

1) I know there is a limitation for background resolution in WME. In the aforementioned scene the background seems to last and scroll forever. Yet since houses in the fog do repeat, I suspect the background is looped somehow. How is it possible to achieve such an effect in WME?

2) The van sprite itself is animated in a sly way: sometimes it seems not to move on the X-axis at all and other times it does actual motion from one edge of the scene to the other. Am I right?

3) The trees in the "foreground" have a kind of parallax effect. I know there is a chapter in WME tutorial about levels, yet here, like with the background, the trees seem to last forever)) How does one achieve this? Do these sprites load and unload constantly? What would the code look like? I'm afraid even to think about such code size and contents  :o

Guys, please help me to comprehend making of a complex scripted thing like this.

Thank you for your attention, thoughts, portions of wisdom and advice!

Technical forum / Inventory and response area always on top
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:31:09 PM »
Hello, WME forum community!

I am trying to make a 2D game and my inspiration is The Cat Lady. In The Cat Lady in most scenes there is constantly inventory box on top, which changes to black rectangle for response options. I'd like to achieve following features for the inventory and response areas in my game:
1. At the bottom of screen
2. Constantly on top of the scene (see screen)

3. Become darkened and inactive during scripted behavior, some dialogues and cut-scenes (smth. like in the screen below)

4. Black rectangle background for response options - like this:

I know such things ARE possible with WME, and there is a chapter dedicated to dealing with inventory in WME documentation and Book online. However, I can't figure out how to send inventory window to the bottom of screen and keep it functional and always on top. See, like it was said in documentation, I changed Y value of WINDOW from 0 to 510 in inventory.def, but it keeps being dependable on cursor at the top of screen. If cursor moves to the bottom of screen, inventory just disappears. Changing AREA values made no good. I guess something must be altered in game_loop.script... If so, what exactly? After spending a considerable time with those scripts open in Notepad, I opened inventory.def in WindowEdit tool and tried changing several things (like setting InGame control to "True") and... nothing changed. Except inventory.def changed its structure when I reopened it in Notepad and it became very hard to read, because all lines got aligned horizontally.  ???

I am sure someone might have dealt with inventory objectives similar or close to mine, because it is typical for many adventures to have inventory and response areas at the bottom of screen and visible constantly. Could you please share your experience in that matter? Any ideas?

Big Thanks!!!

Technical forum / Second actor creation and cutscene
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:11:38 AM »
Hey Wintermute community,

I am really excited with the chance to finally explore WME and try making the 2D game demo. However, since I am still new to the engine and particularly scripting, I get stuck every now and then. Have got three questions and will try to explain them in a brief and clear way.

This time I tried to add second character named Sally into my scene following WME tutorial. Here is what I did:

1. In "actors" folder created "sally" subfolder and copied files from "molly"
2. In "sally" subfolder renamed "" to "" and "molly.script" to "sally.script"
3. Opened "" file and changed the beginning this way:

Code: [Select]
  NAME = "sally"
  X = 460
  Y = 400

Also changed the subfolder name in "" from "molly" to "sally" everywhere in animations (idle, walk, talk etc.).

4. Opened "data\scripts\" and added this:

Code: [Select]
global molly;
global sally;

5. Opened "game.script" and added new lines. Now the script looks this way:

Code: [Select]
// load our main actor
actor = Game.LoadActor("actors\molly\");
Game.MainObject = actor;
// load our main actor
molly = Game.LoadActor("actors\molly\");
sally = Game.LoadActor("actors\sally\");
actor = molly;
Game.MainObject = actor;

6. Opened "data/scenes/Room/scr/scene_init.script" and added lines about Sally with her position coordinates from SceneEdit:

Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

// here comes the stuff which initializes the scene

actor.SkipTo(206, 582);
actor.Direction = DI_RIGHT;
actor.Active = true;

sally.SkipTo(288, 575);
sally.Direction = DI_RIGHT;
sally.Active = true;

However, when I run the game, I get this:

As you can see, the main actor (silhouette that is turned to the right) is there and she can move, alright. Sally, which is the silhouette that is facing us, is there too, and she doesn't move. However, there is a third actor that has Molly's graphics, is turned left and floats in the air. How do  I get rid of her? What is wrong?

My second question is - Can the floor (walking area) have only two vertices? Because I'd like actors to only move left and right in a staight line, without any depth, yet currently the main actor changes her track a bit within the walking zone (floor). This change of course is very slight, but still... not in a straight line.

The third question is about actors again. I want them to talk with each other and move together to the right in a cutscene. How is it possible to create such cutscene animation? Sally, the second actor in the scene, does not move. Shall I make individual floor for her? Am I right?

Please share your experience in this regard!

THANK YOU very much for your kind help!

P.S. The opportunity to make games is breathtaking. THANK YOU, Mnemonic!

Dear WME game developers,

My questions might seem stupid to you, but I'm still pretty new to Wintermute and game development, so your friendly help and patience is vitally important. There are different levels of understanding WME, and who knows, maybe this topic will help another beginner to understand WME better.

I'd like to ask about two things that both are related to replacing Molly with a custom 2D character. I'm in the beginning of making a 2D game with only horizontal (left and right) movement for actors. My current objective is to explore WME and create a working demo for an artist as my collaborator. For this demo I've got a single image of a female silhouette. I just resized it to fit Molly and replaced Molly's images in "walk" folder with my own images (see screen).


1. How does WME deal with BMP transparency? I mean we've all seen Molly images against pink background (see screen).

How does that pink background become transparent in WME? When I created my custom images to replace Molly files in "walk/rr" folder, I simply painted background with the same pink hue in Photoshop (tried another hue, yet it was not tranparent and there was colored rectangle around my actor in the game), changed Mode to Indexed colors with transparency and saved images as 8-bit BMP.
2. However, when I replaced 00.bmp in "talk" folder with my custom image, an issue appeared: the pink background of BMP is partially seen now (see screenshot).

There is no such issue as the actor "walks" (slides to the right in my case), but each time it stops, the pink background reappears. The female silhouette was sized and placed to fit Molly in the image. So what's the matter? You may wonder why I decided to replace 00.bmp in "talk" folder. The point is I needed an image for my actor standing still, and "stand.sprite" says:

Code: [Select]
IMAGE = "actors\molly\rr\talk\00.bmp"
I assumed to replace the image of Molly standing still I needed to change 00.bmp in "talk" folder. Am I right? And how do I remove that partially visible pink background?

THANK YOU for your attention and help!

Technical forum / Mirror reflection for 2D character
« on: October 28, 2017, 11:30:13 PM »
Dear Muties!

I've got a question that might have been asked several times, yet the replies I managed to find don't seem clear to me. Since the question is pretty common for adventure games, I assume lots of people could be interested in a solution.

I'm planning a 2D game similar to The Cat Lady in the aspect of flatness and only horizontal movement of characters.

My question is: Is there a feature in WME to get a reflection as a 2D character walks past the mirror?

Step-by-step instruction would be great to see.

THANK YOU for your attention. I posted another question on this forum before, so I know you guys are friendly and very smart.

Also I keep saying THANK YOU to Mnemonic. Hello to odnorf, Jerrot and Azrael.  ::wave

General Discussion / Hand-painted texture or the effect of it
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:18:39 PM »
Hello to all WME fans and 3d scene creators,

I am quite new to game development and especially WME, so my questions may seem absurd to a professional, yet here they are -

Since my backgrounds for 3d scenes are hand-drawn by a professional artist, I'd like the 3d models to have a hand-painted look too to be better integrated into environments. I've learnt each 3d model is wrapped in a texture (Trinity model is not an exception). So the question is whether we could take the texture image file and either use it as reference for hand-drawn texture production or retouch it in Gimp or Photoshop that it resembled painting?

I'd be grateful for any kind of advice. Thank you for attention and help.

Technical forum / 3d test scene with Trinity
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:07:24 PM »
Hello, Wintermute Engine developers, supporters, and community,

I'd like to make a test scene with my own background and .3ds file, yet featuring Trinity from WME's 3d demo. As far as I can see, in documentation there is a step-by-step guide/tutorial for 2d scene creation. Is there a similar tutorial/guide for 3d scenes? What should be particularly be done to involve Trinity model in there?

Thank you for advice!

Technical forum / SceneEdit crashes
« on: April 15, 2015, 12:51:46 PM »
Hello WME community,

Yesterday I installed WME 1.10.1 beta, opened documentation and started to create a scene following instructions, but unfortunately, SceneEdit was crashing every time its window showed up and making my PC reset. So today I uninstalled 1.10.1 and installed version 1.9.1 in hope that it would help. No change - computer keeps turning off and resetting. Maybe someone has faced this problem? My PC is Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz, memory 768Mb, Windows XP Pro. Could it be the memory is not enough? Or is that a bug of some kind? I am quite new to WME and so any advice would be great.

Thank you in advance!

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