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Author Topic: Virellia Gaming Group  (Read 4302 times)

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Virellia Gaming Group
« on: September 03, 2009, 11:51:55 PM »

As a newly developed project, I have decided to set up a website dedicated to the distribution and promotion of home-grown games. Now I know there are a lot of websites already out there for this, but we offer something that other sites don't.

The Virellia Gaming Group are dedicated to the distribution and promotion of home-grown games. We are not specific to genre or content as long as the user can actively play the game.
The Virellia Gaming Group is a free service with community message boards.

Mission Statement
The Virellia Gaming Group, a non-profit service dedicated to home-grown games (Whether they themselves are profit or non-profit), provides a service which will help promote games in the aim of gaining active members.

We offer a distribution service, in which we will host a download (Please see terms and conditions) on the website free of charge.
We may offer a sub forum. In the future we are planning to provide a complete forum hosting package.

Terms and Conditions
All games must be available to download and play the minute they are added to our listings.

The Virellia Gaming Group does not hold responsibility for legal issues regarding perjury, theft etc.

The Virellia Gaming Group does it's best to prevent viruses, spyware, trojans etc by testing games before they are added, but we can not be held responsible for damage caused by software downloaded. It is strictly at the users own risk to download any content from the site.

Important Note on Distribution Services: Our distribution services provide a download on our website for your game. We will also distribute the game on third party websites, which will help in getting your game promoted. The Adventures of Virellia is accessable from over 40 different popular downloading and information websites just by using our basic distribution service.
You must send us a zipped archive of your client (NOT a setup executable). We will then compile the client for you in our own setup wizard and distribute this file to multiple locations on the internet.
Being a distributor means that WE push your game to customers so that you don't have to. Our distribution service is of professional standard, and will give very good "first impressions" to potential players.


We plan to run this service on a basic hosting package for the next 2 months to see what response we get. When needed, we will upgrade our hosting package to support more downloads.


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