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You can check my current TODO list online to see which features are already planned for the future WME releases.

Thanks Jan. I have asked this before! I count 9 of my wishes in the features list!!! :) But I didn't see the "videos inside sprites" :( Are you thinking in adding that too in the wishlist or it is a  long-long-long-long-long-long task? I am asking because I might find usefull this feature in "dreams".

EDIT: Oh, and you forgot to add the problem with the greeks in the preview panel in the ProjectMan. You have said that you will make it to read the system font so that it could display every possible language (including greeks).

Musta Kaapu:
Great! Now we have more reasons to whine ("When is it ready"/ "Why isn't in the TODO-list?")  ;D ;D ;D

odnorf: It's not a big secret that I'm a *very* forgetful man. You'd better get used to it ;)

Somewhat I feel a bit guilty when I read the list  ::)


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