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Strange sound problem


I've been trying out two different wireless so-called gaming headsets in the last days, Razer's Nari and Corsair's Void RGB Elite. For some reason, I only get sound from the left channel on both headsets while testing my game in Wintermute. The same thing happens with my previous games, and I've never had any complaint even similar to this. So the problem seems to be on my setup.

Soundpanning is set to false, so it can't have to do with that, and the correct sound device is set in the game settings windows when I start the game. When sounds are "previewed" by selecting them in the Wintermute interface, both channels play however. It only happens when I run the game, in both compiled and non-compiled versions.

Any help appreciated!

It's strange that it would work differently in ProjectMan and differently in-game, the code is exactly the same.
Doesn't the headset driver have application-specific settings, perhaps?

Also, you can try deleting your game settings in registry, although those only define sound volume.

Thank you for the quick reply Mnemonic!

I messed around in the registry, and indeed, changing the MasterVolume setting (from "ffff" too "ffffffff") did the job!


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