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Hi all,

After setting all things up, this way i nearly need it for my first wintermute game,
i want to make it downloadable for other newbies.
Nothing special, but maybe useful for others who can learn a new engine best, when
examining sourcecode examples, like me.
My impression is, that wintermute is a great engine, but the community is very small,
therefore not much source code snippets are available at the moment.

So here are the "features" of my example:

- myst style game without an actor
- sierra style right click interface with three options
- scenemenu, instead of using the window approach for the menu.
- example intromovie

Open Source Template
Mystic Triddle Engine Source ~ 2,5 MB

Here is the game i made with it:
Mystic Triddle ~ 27MB

thx to mnemonic, jerrot and all the other helping wintermuttis  ;D

Great! Thank you, Rocco.

I tried your right click interface, and it looks awesome apart for one thing.
For some reason the verb icon changes slowly even if i click a very fast.
like i click 4-5 times a second and it only changes verbs one a second.
have you encountered something like this, and perhaps have newer code ?


Found the problem and fixed it..
just add the RightDoubleClick event:

--- Code: WME Script --- on "RightClick"{                                                                        switchcursor();       // function for right click defined in } on "RightDoubleClick"{                                                                        switchcursor();       // function for right click defined in } 

thanks SoundGuy, i included your suggestion in the new uploaded example.


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