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Good Morning? everyone

I'm new in forums, so it is time for a quick introduction...

My name is Jarkko (Finnish name, try to say it =P  ), but in web/irc I have been known as Madraccoon last 15 years. I am an old-schooler (at least in computer/demo scenes), way beyond 30 now, but still playing, specially adventure games...

I have worked as a 3D artist last 15 years and I have taken part to many commercial game projects before, but now is the first time I started my own project, graphical adventure of course  ;D

I have tested many game platforms (from AGS to totally own engine), but it seems that I start to loose my live on this forum  ::beer
This is enough for now, but i think you will hear from me again...  ;)
(web pages are on their way as we speak...)

All old adventure games (fate of Atlantis, Sam and max) are close to my heart, but also many "non" adventure ones (Master of Magic, Master of Orion, System Shock)
PS. How many of you have played the  original Master of Magic, and how many had problems with dos and "insufficient memory"  >:D

Cheers  ::beer

Hi everyone,

just wanted to say hello to you all. Have been reading and lurking the forums a lot in the last days as I'm about to dive into the world of Wintermute. Yee-haw! I've just started working on an adventure game which I hope to have finished by the end of year. Now the funny thing is, that I have said exactly that about an AGI game that I started making back in 1999, and which is still not finished today... Hmm... At least we had 2 playable demos out back then, maybe some of you even have played it and remember it. The game was called "V - The Graphic Adventure" and attempted to unofficially adapt the scenario of the classic 80s mini-series "V" into a Sierra style adventure.

Anyway, can't wait to get my hands on Wintermute. Working on script, graphics and animations for now, so I'm pretty excited to start assembling everything and scripting soon. Optimistic that I will be asking a lot of silly questions in the process... Be prepared! ;)


Greetings to everyone on the WME forums!

I am Keith, a 35 year old 3D artist, musician and game designer from Pretoria, South Africa, who has worked on two (non-adventure) commercial games in the capacity of level, sound and graphic design.
I have been playing around with WME for several years now, but only recently decided to dive in and start creating full adventure games using this engine. I prefer creating atmospheric horror games, and WME is perfect for a series of projects I have planned.

I have been lurking on these forums for quite some time, and I have to say that I love the friendliness and helpful nature of the forum members.

I am very happy to finally join the forums. Expect to hear a lot from me as I badger the technical boards with all sorts of questions  :P

K. Janeway:
Haha, I'm getting nervous, just like a presentation in school or something.  :P
Ok, Breathe....
I'm 38, from Sweden, and I have no occupation.
Favorite adventuregames is a nightmare to list.
If I look at totally played hours it would probably be:
Morrowind, Diablo 2, and all of the MDNA-games.

And it was all thanks to the Carol Reed Mysteries that I got into this.
I really hope I will be able to learn how to use WME,
cause making games seems like something I would love to do.

So hi everyone, and If the scripts don't kill me,
you'll se me again.  ;)


Age; My age is revealed below
From: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Composer
Three favourite adventure games: Morrowind, Skyrim or Dungeon of Daggorath, and my first adventure game, Adventure from the 2600 - It had dragons, secret rooms, and keys - it had it all! :) oh, and blocky graphics too!



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