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Author Topic: WME Visual Script Editor  (Read 23124 times)

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Re: WME Visual Script Editor
« Reply #30 on: October 06, 2007, 12:03:03 PM »


despite the fact Mnemonic made this fantastic WME Integrator tool I'm still using and developing my own baby. I integrated a quickhelp system yesterday and of course you are invited to take a look and use it as you like. The current version is 0.7.

The last additions are the following:

Version 0.7 (10/05/07)
- NEW: Pressing the F1-Key while something in the method list is selected opens a
         quickhelp window with further informations
- NEW: A HTML viewer is integrated to show the help file
- NEW: Child windows like Find/Replace/Help,... are now a bit transparent

Version 0.6a (03/13/07)
- NEW: The editor window now remembers it's position and size
- FIX: WME methods were not colored correctly if characters like !+-*/ were in front
- FIX: Switched app name and script name in the window title
- FIX: If a method was more then one time in a line only the first one was colored

Version 0.6 (02/08/07)
- NEW: Added a direct link to the WME docs in the help menu
- NEW: The WME methods and attributes and so on are now scanned from the xml-file that
         is included in all wme releases. So this app will grow as WME grows ...
- FIX: Fixed some bugs with Minitellisense object recognition (Game, actor, Scene)
- FIX: The flickering when running through the script using the arrow keys is gone
- FIX: Problems with scripts bigger than 32kb fixed
- FIX: New script loading routine (streambased, much faster)
- FIX: When highlighting a whole script (after load or options change) the editor
         is locked to prevent scrolling of the whole script over the screen

As always look in the first post of this thread for the download links.
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