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New upcoming cartoon adventure

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My first project for WME will be a cartoon adventure, just like unnamed project joe but it will be a SF one.

some little details :
- high res cartoon graphics and animations
- Cutscenes and talk will be standard
- A mind blowing story (very original one)
- more then 80 hours of gameplay
- wicked puzzles and action scenes aka "full throttle"

Project status total : 17%
demo release : 30/02/2004
sorry about the date, but i am developing all alone !
Site up : 20/05/2003

this engine will finally make my dreams come true !



80 hours!!! :o

This should be good ;D

Well, good luck! Any screenshots yet? ;)


--- Quote ---demo release : 30/02/2004
--- End quote ---

30/2  ??? ??? ???
That's like never  ;D

spyros :
Yes, i know but i am developing this game on my own.
Plus , i need a lot of testing also with the engine especially the action scenes.

Mnemonic :
The first screenies will be published together with the website.

Krkode :
80 hours is the minimum !

Thanx all for the reply`s !!



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