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Still nameless. Well, the name of the mane character is "Fred".

Of course, that doll is not the main character, is only for testing. The game will be in spanish, but when we finish it (We are actually 2 scriptwriters, 2 sketchers, 1 painter and 1 programmer (that's me  ;D)), there will be maybe an english version. If you wanna download the game, go to and download the test prealpha v0.00000001. It's in spanish, though.

Nice! 8) But I noticed a small glitch: when the menu's up, the framerate drops considerably. What's wrong?

Wich menu? The inventory or the Load, Save... and all that menu?. Is hard for me to detect slowdowns because my system is very powerfull (Radeon 9700 Pro & 512 RAM & AthlonXP 1900+)  8), so i'll test it in an older computer.

No, I mean the right-click menu, with the action selection.


--- Quote from: Mnemonic on May 13, 2003, 12:52:50 PM ---No, I mean the right-click menu, with the action selection.

--- End quote ---

Hm, the only entity that is moving when the menu is opened is the sky. (well, and the mouse pointer) but i couldn't see noticeable problems with the framerate there. or is there a way to activate the debug mode ?

@mccoy: i like that placeholder character. ;) It's too spanish for me of course, but nice work up to now anyway. Just one thing: the texture fillings of the wooden elements (computer table, ...) don't look very good compared to the rest, maybe it would be enough to use the "smear" tool on it. just my impression, don't care if you don't want to. ;)


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