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Poll: Do you actively use WME for game creating?

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Hi muties,

I was just wondering, how do you use WME. So if you step out of muteness and be so kind to answer this poll, I'd be really glad. :)
You don't need to write what game do you create, only type of the game so others can see the statistic of WME usage.

I permitted more votes per person since I (for one) create more games at this time but plese be fair and use it honestly or this poll
has no meaning. ;)

Thanks for cooperation and all the best from Wintermute Army.

EDIT: Just to clarify

Medium sized indie game is below 10 hours of gameplay.
Huge sized indie game is above 10 hours of gameplay to make some threshold. :)

Edit2: Please take a moment and vote also in this poll:

I'm working very hard to change my vote from
Commercial game waiting for publishers to get funding.     
Commercial game with publishers well on the way.

No worries. It'll happen.

I'am working on

1:A huge sized indie game , my target is 20 hours of game play. It is a survival horror game with rpg feature

2:A rpg starter kit  for final fantasy 7-8-9 2.5d style game

3:A survival horror  starter kit (for game like Resident evil)

We're working on two games right now:

A huge commercial game that's waiting for publishers funding - this takes a long time.

...and so while we wait we thought we'd start work on an indie commercial game, which will also be huge. Although I think "regular sized" would sound better than "huge" - huge sounds like it's got 500 locations, 90 characters, and will last for several years.  ;D

Been working on a huge indie game with some friends but, as life has a habit of doing, we get interrupted constantly, family, work, etc. However, our spirits remain undaunted and with the new 3D features being introduced in the next WME version, we're committted more than ever to seeing the project to completion.


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