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Poll: What 3D software are you using?

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Hi there,

I thought it could be interisting to know, which programs are used to generate the 3d scene files for WME. Maybe, if we get one hot item, an additional 3d importer would be possible. Just a thought, Hey and its even nice to know, what your companions use...  ::beer


3d max, I'm making backgrounds and addition graphic in our team.

I am using Blender and MakeHuman.
But about this last, I am just making jist some experiments, until the programmers will be able to make a good and smart Poly Reduction  of the mesh we are using.

i use Poser and Truespace, i havent tryed using them with  WME yet tho

I'm developing a 2D hand-drawn game, but I'm using Wings 3D to lay out the scene and get a sense of space. I then hand-draw the scene over the model doing alterations as necessary.


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