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Poll: Would you participate on community based events?



to add one more to this poll madness, here's the proposition:

we'd like to organize WME based competitions which can be shaped as weekend or month challenges. It's obvious that within this time frame graphics won't be an issue so everyone can participate. We also won't judge graphics to discourage skilled people to rely on good drawings / render.

Since this isn't computer graphics but WME challenge, we'll judge originality of the idea and quality of execution (meaning how clean is the source code including code comments, capability of finishing the idea from the very start till the end).

Of course this contests will serve much higher purposes:

* We'd like to build a codebase and this little games would be ideal teaching tool for newbies coming to the forums. With every little project they'll have the possibility to study how the game was done and can build on those ideas with a "learning by code" approach.
* More skilled members can also learn a lot from the sources since sometimes they can just discover something they didn't know before.
* It will be excellent introductory mechanism how to prove your worth. It's definitly much better to show finished one room game than speaking that if you had this or that, you could do a game. Here everyone sees how good you are and since graphics (which is the most
problematic thing) won't be an issue, everybody will be able to participate.
* It can also lead to team creation right here at the forums if people find similary thinking muties.
So yes, with commiting your work to the competition, you'll send the whole project and this will be available for other members. This can be strange idea for more posessive wme members, but given the fact, that it will be motly one room challenges, it's not a big deal and of course the authors will be properly credited.

Disqualification from the competition will come swiftly upon realizing that the game was copy pasted.

Maybe this can be more motivating to members than writing articles and tutorials to ? ;)

Wow! This is some good stuff. I'm too busy for thinking about starting making a new game, but I wouldn't mind at all to practice during a weekend for a challenge. I will for sure participate, but I think it would be necessary to put up some notification system via e-mail where people can sign up and get notifications of upcoming challenges, because I don't check the forums daily, for example.


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