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HP Lovecraft Commonplace Book Exhibition


Peter Nepstad:
This is an announcement of a competition of sorts, in which you would write a short game in WINTERMUTE, then see it hosted in an online gallery, tour various exhibitions, and possibly get pressed to CDROM.

The trick is, there is a short timeframe involved. Eight - ten weeks. If you wish to challenge yourself and take up this task, get all the details here:

And if you intend to enter, or if you have any questions, send an email to me at lovecraft[at]

This is an exciting project that combines arists, writers, and game developers to one common purpose. Also, it has the potential to combine game developers of both text only and graphics varieties, which doesn't happen too often...I'm on the text side of the fence myself, so this forum is pretty unfamiliar territory to me.

Here is the original announcement over at

Best regards,

-- Peter Nepstad

Does it matter if the game has already been released? Because for the first WME community contest I wrote a small game which is based on Lovecraft's work - I wanted to overhaul and expand it anyway, so that would be a good occasion to do so :-)

Peter Nepstad:
I don't think it's a problem if the game is not 100% new...a revision/expansion of an old game is OK! The key part, though, is that it should be based on one of the story ideas in Lovecraft's Commonplace book, as opposed to just on Lovecraftian themes in general. Though, if your game is Lovecraftian in nature, it's possible that one of the book items fits the bill, or can be added in your update/enhancement. The Commonplace Book is online at:

Also, when you email an intent to enter, I'll send you a .rtf file copy of the document.

Thanks for the link, I already found some parts that would fit the story. I'll write you a mail later today or tomorrow.


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