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WME competition - 3rd round announced

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Hi muties,

we're back with the 3rd competition round which will be a bit different from the previous 2 rounds.

The competition is entitled "Speak with me" and competitors are to create the most funny/bizzare dialogue
with anyone / anything.
2. Jury memebers will be announced later.

3. Jury will grade games on scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the best, 1 being the worst). Game will then receive a number which will be the sum of the three jury members scores.

4. Deadline for the 3rd competition round game submission is 30th of May 2007 23:59.

5. Competitors agree that upon finishing the game, we’ll put their one room game project into the wme codebase repository for others to learn from. If competitors use external plugins, sources of those plugins will be published only upon their agreement.

6. Judged will be:

   Quality of the theme realization (dialogs if any, plot twists, ideas)
   Cleanness of the source code
   Creativity in approaching the problem using only small scale means.
   The way how dialogues are handled.

Judged will NOT be:

   Graphics and other media dependent on non wme skills (sound effects, music, videos)

7. All judges will write, upon reaching the verdict, reasons for their scores together with the scores so authors can clearly see why they were or weren’t selected.

8. All projects must be created for use with WME engine.

9. Projects using ripped graphics / music / sound effects from other commercial games / projects will be disqualified. It’s possible to use free graphics downloaded from internet as long as it’s really free.

10. Games will be submitted into the competition privately via sending PM message to jury members with link to your game or with request of our help how to hand over the project. We’ll publish the games after the deadline will be reached to prevent idea stealing.

11. No tsipuro jokes. Those are copyrighted by the wma team.

12. Although there won’t be any material award, you’ll gain neverending respect of WME community and this can be a great stepping stone for new quality teams building up.

Does already someone know if he/she enters the contest? McCoy perhaps? ;-)

Do not intend to annoy judges. Any news from contest? Moved deadline?

nobody entered, nobody submitted. Competition round closed.

I declare myself to be the winner then!



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