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H.P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book Project games now available!


Peter Nepstad:
The project was contributed to by 18 authors, writing 7 games, using 5 game development platforms, in 3 different languages, including the Wintermute game "Beyond the Threshold." The games are available at:

Please play, discuss, rate, etc. Originally I had hoped for a "Best" in various categories, but since almost everyone chose different development platforms to build their games, just think about awarding a "Best in Show" overall for the English language games, so that game can be highlighted appropriately.

This project is ongoing, so we'll see updates to some of the games in a month or two, then the gallery opening in Switzerland in October, and lots more.

Send an email to to vote for Best in Show, any time between now and June 30. There are no restrictions to game discussion on the forums or elsewhere during the voting period.


-- Peter Nepstad

Peter Nepstad:
Note: The link to Beyond the Threshold, which was not working properly, has now been fixed.

Hello Peter,

where exactly one can download the games? From the link you gave us I can't find any downloads.


It's the first link in his post, maybe you need to reload the page?

right. I ried refreshing the page but from some strange reason got the same thing over and over. I erased the browser cache and it works now.


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