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As a lot of people here are opening threads for finding graphic artists - with mostly no success, because the few that are here are already bound to their own projects - I thought it might be a good idea to collect links for graphic communities, model collections, single artists etc, where one has better chances to find an artist for his/her project.

So here are some: Afaik the biggest community for professional 3d artists Dedicated to Blender entirely The name says it German/English community for CG artists

That's just a start, if you know more links, please add.

And good luck finding an artist ;-)

If animators count too here is Animation World Network as well ::rock

Of course, the thread is meant for all kinds of artists, not only static 3d :-) Animatiors, 2d, 3d, musicians, Sound/FX, writers ... whatever comes to your mind :-)

Not exactly an artist for hire, but this website offers some stock cartoon cliparts and character designs for reasonable prices. Maybe someone will find it useful:



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