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PlayMusicChannel looping problems

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Since the update of Wintermute 1.8.0, the PlayMusicChannel looping 'false' does not seem to work . Music tracks loop, no matter what I have tried to input.

It seems to work ok for me. What are the exact parameters you're invoking PlayMusicChannel() with?


I was using code such as this if I wanted to not loop a music track which I had corssfaded from another. (i'm also not changing channels at the end of the fade, as you can see.)

--- Code: ---Game.PlayMusicChannel(1, "music\tracks.ogg", false);
Game.MusicCrossfade(0, 1, 1500, false);

--- End code ---

This used to work, but now my music continues to loop, except it does this after a few seconds of silence. This now happens throughout game.?

I'm still not able to replicate the issue. The sound doesn't loop even if I invoke it the way you posted above. If you could isolate the problem e.g. in WME demo, it would be helpful.

Well, I use the exact code above to play music once, and I cross fade a previously looping music track out. Could the fact that the previous music track was being repeated and the new one not, be the cause? They are on different channels.

If I change scenes after such a code is used, or I just stay in the same scene, the music restarts even though it's mot meant to. There is nothing else going on at the time, just actor's GoTo, the usual main game scripts, sometime a particle effect is running.


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