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Adventure games coming back? In the form of 3d versions...

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This is quite interesting, in my official xbox mag, it mentions the new Broken Sword game (for the xbox maybe for other systems too), as well as a review of the game Syberia.

It seems pure adventure games are starting to make a comeback, although not 2d cartoon adventure games.  Still it's a great sign!

btw Mnemonic, you should start creating a 3D engine for Wintermute.  Now firstly hear me out, i'm still a 2d adventure game kind of guy.  But let's remember the old king's quest games being touted as "3D" games because you could walk behind and in front of objects.
Also consider that with a 3d model you could have a full 3d room to have your characters walk around.  The reason i'm thinking about this, is because i'd like to make a game where the characters are 2d cartoon sprites and the background is a 3d model (plus appropriately textured to look like it belongs in a cartoon, but that would be done by me)  It would just make things alot easier, you could still use sprites but now you could design them for 3d space in mind.

anyways just a suggestion :-)


I think that the most important feature for the 3D capabilities of the WME is the revival of the 3D characters (some kind of support is actually in the wme.exe right now) which is already a TODO.

I agree that in the future (maybe in WME v2.0 or 3.0) most 3D capabilites would be cool :) My dream would be something similar with the GK3 real-time 3D engine with free camera movement which I consider the most revolutionary engine I have seen the last 6-7-8 years but as I said this is just a dream - Why I can't stop using this word :).

PS. This topic is in the wrong forum category but this something usual around here :)

Well, odnorf pretty much summarized my thoughts and plans. I'd like to revive the 3D characters first, then full 3D scenes would follow.
As for 2D characters in 3D environment, I'm not sure it's a good idea. After all, this concept has been abandoned about 10 years ago ;) The main reason being probably it doesn't look very good (compared to real 3D characters, that is) plus you have to use fixed camera angles so that your prerendered 2D characters don't look stupid (if someone played System Shock 1, he knows what I'm talking about :)) So... I don't think it's a way to go.

You're wrong about 2d characters in a 3d enviroment, in fact it would probably look fine, assuming that your 3d enviroment was made to look 2d.   Really I think it would just be a good idea to use a true 3d enviroment so you could obscure objects and characters without having to deal with layer priorities, or whatever 2d system you have right now.

If however you end up taking the 2d stuff completely out, I probably won't use WME

I am not sure that I understand 100% what you want to do.

If you would like to have a static background then you don't need real-time 3d rendering since you can use a prerendered image (which is going to have much better quality than a real-time one). This is what Grim Fandango, Monkey4, Syberia, The longest Journey etc are using.

If on the other hand you want to have camera movement inside a 3d room then you would need 3D character.


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