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Author Topic: Workable Blender-FragMotion-WME pipeline  (Read 4924 times)

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Workable Blender-FragMotion-WME pipeline
« on: April 22, 2009, 10:36:43 AM »

Pipeline Blender-FragMotion-WME:

Things you need:

WME 1.8.009
Blender 2.48a
Gandaldfs B3D Exporter 2.06,
FragMotion 0.9.6
Normalize Weights-script for Blender
Bake-script for Blender


1. Low-poly modelling in Blender

2. Bones

3. Apply scale/rotation for bones and mesh

4. Skining, normalize with weight paint-script so that DX9 doesn't blow up the model in WME

5. Animating, the first and the last frame in the animation cycles have to be the same

6. Bring the model to FragMotion using B3D-script

7. Use FragMotion to rename animations

8. Use FragMotions Merge animation-function to bring all animations together in one file, B3D-script doesn't seem to convert multiple animations

9. Flip the model 180 degrees in Y-axel using FragMotions transform options

10. Export as .X-file. In the export tab, choose:

Add root frame: UN-CHECKED
Exclude Normals: UN-CHECKED
Hierarchical Mesh: UN-CHECKED
Flip Handedness: CHECKED
Matrix Keys: UN-CHECKED
Write All Frames: UN-CHECKED

* Ticks, I use 2000 per second                     

10. In WME, use DX9. This way, 2d planes work better

About hidden geometry, these things worked for me:

1. Scale geometry upwards x5.355 before exporting

2. Use script that can be found at

You need to modify it to export also the elements starting with sha_

3. Take the decimals off from cameras rotation and position before the export

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