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Sodipodi (vector based)



Let's continue my suggestions of opensource programs with this vector-based program. It's not as good as CorelDraw & Illustrator but if you are not a pro, and would like to draw with vectors for free then this program is a great choice. I am currently testing it...

Good idea to collect freeware-tools here ... maybe put them all together in a single thread, with a short decription and download-link and make this thread sticky?

A collection of all kinds of free (or at least cheap) software useful for game design, like graphic-, sound-, programming- and video-tools ... and maybe free download resources for textures, sounds and so on.

I will look what I have at home this evening and write something.

Well, so far the entire "Software" board worked that way (with some small exceptions), but you're right we might refine the interesting stuff from time to time :)

Hmmm .... yes, while thinking about it for some time, you are right :-)

It isn't that important - but hey, it brought me 2 more posts and I'm a member of the forums top-posters now - good for my self esteem :)


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