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What do you hate about WME?

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Wow.. I'm finally posting hehe.
I wont call it hate either but I will put it out there...

OK I know the heated debates that was on Adventure Developer... but here goes.
1.) The fact that my games can only run on Windows and not on Mac is a pity. ...(and Linux although one can Wine ;) ) i.e I would like to get my games playable on Mac esp.  Not the editor. Windows happy there. I KNOW I KNOW!!! Direct3D etc.  but you DID ask. :D

2.) A few posts up someone mentions the scaling. Non-Scaling  is a bit of a bummer.

3.) The Fact that we don't have full 3D with our 2.5D heaven. Would be fantastic to be able to have a point and click engine with 3D / 3D camera / lighting / shadows.

I'm happy with WME as is but those ... would be awesome. I kinda hate that it's not possible, but I can't hate anything Wintermute tbh.

Just a comment to 1.)

You can easily create a wine package for your game, runs fine on Linux and Mac OS X ( the games I tested ran very fine ). I know it's just a workaround, but it's a working one :)

Many thanks to everyone posting their opinion. I'm relieved to see my vision for wme2 is not fundamentally different from yours so far, except for a few small things :)

Anyone else?


--- Quote ---Anyone else?
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Will it be opensource? Fully opensource, including script compiler...


--- Quote from: Kinjal on January 12, 2010, 04:27:33 PM ---Will it be opensource? Fully opensource, including script compiler...

--- End quote ---
That doesn't really answer my question... Anyway, I'm not ready to talk about wme2 licensing yet.


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