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In WME Lite wiki documentation you said that you can port WME Lite on WP7 because the platform doesn't support native code...
It's the same with android to ?

Android port should be possible. Both SDL and the BASS sound library are now ported to Android. I don't know what would it take, though, because I have no experience with the platform.

I understood

Thank You :)

I'm working on Android port, but I don't have any result at the moment. I'm in a very, very early status and the first goal is compiled WME, I'm working with this versions:

- Android SDK r16
- Android NDK r7
- cygwin 1.7 (I'm working on windows)
- SDL port for Android 1.6+ that includes SDL 1.2 and SDL 1.3, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and other libs
- BASS port for Android

Do not expect news very soon, everything used is very new and it's under development or there are earlier versions and has knows limitations. I don't know how to will works in the wme port.

I'll post my results when I'll get some information

More information:

SDL 4 Android:
BASS 4 Android:

A (very) bit decission.

As the most Android developers knows, the ARM processor is the most extended platform for run Android. I'm afraid that I've a very hard way until WME lite runs in Android, due to this I've choose ARM Development Studio Community Edition as IDE. This IDE has been liberated recently by ARM, and has a very good debuger and profiler and the tools has better than others provides by Google.

At now, my results consist in a lot of test and a terrible mess of notes, tools, installations, uninstallations, tests, re-test, headaches, etc.

The next step is get a clear installation of IDE, tools, libraries, SDK, NDK, etc for compile the sources an start the testing in the emulator an devices.


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